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MediMaatjes and MobieTrain Transforming Healthcare Together

Posted on March 9, 2024

Technology is making huge strides in all contexts, including healthcare. Digital healthcare, as it is called, not only supports innovation in hospitals but also contributes to making the entire healthcare system more accessible and equitable.

In the healthcare system, digital technology has become a means to access information, communicate with other patients and professionals, and train volunteers and professionals. In this context, where technology is reshaping the future of the healthcare sector, MediMaatjes emerges as a beacon of compassion and support for patients who experience a language or cultural barrier and have cognitive impairments.

Founded with a heartfelt vision, MediMaatjes connects individuals in need with dedicated companions, known as MediMaatjes. Those people play a crucial role in simplifying the complexities of the healthcare system.


The Importance of the Human Touch in Healthcare

MediMaatjes are not just helpers; they are a unique blend of people who want to contribute to society.

They can be medical students, spirited retirees, or people who want to do something that impacts others’ lives. They’re all independent professionals (ZZP’ers). Their backgrounds and shared commitment to contributing to society make them invaluable companions for those navigating the world of healthcare.

MediMaatjes brings back the human touch to healthcare. These professionals go beyond being guides; they become advocates and sources of comfort for those facing the healthcare system’s challenges.

Pioneering Change in Healthcare

MediMaatjes envisions a future where patients who experience a language or cultural barrier and patients with cognitive impairments can navigate healthcare with ease and dignity. By assigning dedicated companions, MediMaatjes is pioneering a change beyond practical assistance—fostering connections, understanding, and a sense of community.

Empowering Lives

At the heart of MediMaatjes is the belief that everyone deserves access to healthcare they can understand. Indeed, they believe that treatment outcomes will improve when people can understand their doctors.

MediMaatjes is making a tangible difference in the lives of those who may find the healthcare system complicated by empowering them and providing help.

The strategic role of Technology: MediMaatjes and MobieTrain together

Embarking on this journey, the need for a tool to facilitate onboarding, healthcare training, and communication became evident. This is where MobieTrain’s employee app stepped in, providing an important part of the backbone to support MediMaatjes’ objectives.

How MobieTrain Aligns with MediMaatjes’ Objectives

The short-term objective for MediMaatjes is a successful pilot year, and MobieTrain is an important partner in achieving this goal. By adopting MobieTrain’s employee app, MediMaatjes aims to improve the onboarding and training process for their MediMaatjes, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

MediMaatjes aspires to roll out its program fully, intending to significantly reduce doctor’s appointment no-shows. MobieTrain, with its advanced features, presentation, and simplicity, stands as the ideal partner to help MediMaatjes realize these ambitious objectives.

“In MobieTrain, we find a partner who thinks the same about connecting, learning, and development. We share a passion for making connection easily accessible.”

Sandra van Essen, Co-Founder of MediMaatjes

MediMaatjes aspires to pilot its initiative with three hospitals. The partnership with MobieTrain will help MediMaatjes create a more accessible and supportive healthcare system.

MediMaatjes and MobieTrain’s collaboration shows the power of technology when applied to address real-world challenges, especially in healthcare training. This collaboration will lead to a future where navigating the healthcare system will become more accessible for those who need it most.

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