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Performance support that makes your staff do their job brilliantly

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Support and coach your customer-facing teams in their daily jobs with direct access to tools and resources whenever and wherever they need it. Unlock their full potential and put training into practice.

Lift your team’s performance to unprecedented heights

Your employees are not Wikipedia or ChatGPT. They’re humans who make the difference. Coach them with heart and soul, build their confidence as strong as a concrete wall, and make them shine with the help of the latest technology.

➜ Monitor your team’s learning data and simply add your personal feedback
➜ Provide your employees with key info in no time thanks to AI Chatbot Mobie
➜ Make your staff find content and resources easily with an intuitive search bot

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Get the best out of your staff with personal coaching

An athlete competing for a gold medal, an artist on the verge of world fame, an employee chasing success: everyone benefits from a great coach. Monitor your staff, use data and offer feedback.

➜ Witness user adoption, engagement & performance in the blink of an eye
➜ Export data, identify knowledge gaps and transform them into insights
➜ Review and discuss assessments one-to-one, creating a feedback culture

Get your team’s work done
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Make accessing job-specific info a piece of cake for your employees

Hello, Mobie? Provide your team with 24/7 support using an AI driven assistant that gives them the answers and information they need within seconds. Consider Mobie as your company-specific ChatGPT.

➜ Offer your employees instant assistance & personalised recommendations
Boost your team’s productivity & confidence, having direct access to all info
Reduce the time spent asking for information to colleagues and managers

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Turn your staff into Sherlock Holmes with a search function

Your employees are the fuel of your company. Give them a search engine that keeps the vehicle going, facilitating them an intuitive search through the platform and content.

➜ Let your team easily search for content without scrolling through all trainings
➜ Limit your employees’ need to ask others for help, gaining time and efficiency
Upload documents in different formats or sizes without compressing them

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  • Content only creates real fireworks when you deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

    Connect your people & content
  • The greatest stories resonate, educate, and motivate. Get inspired by the successful stories of our customers.

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Improve the way your teams learn, communicate and perform. Start today!

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