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At MobieTrain, we don’t just offer a product. We provide a comprehensive content and engagement service, transforming how you empower and enable your teams.

mobietrain customer success team

Your Success is Our Success

“We’ve developed a game-changing product to empower and enable people in the digital age. But what truly sets us apart is not just our platform; it’s our service.”
– Mireille Van Hemert-Schelling, COO

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Building your Learning & Development Culture

The Customer Succes Team

customer success team
  • Our Customer Success Team is not just your support system; they are your partners on the journey to success. With a wealth of experience and a profound understanding of the challenges in the Learning & Development landscape, they provide expert guidance, share best practices, and ensure you unleash the full potential of MobieTrain.

Crafting Learning Journeys

The Content Team

Content Team
  • We get that you might not have the time to create your own content. That’s why we can either advise you on the best approach or do everything for you by transforming your content into stunning microlearning. Our Team of Creative Content Writers is a force of storytelling experts. They weave engaging learning journeys that resonate with your company and people.

Unlock the power
of the content with our 
MobieTrain Academy

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We understand that finding or creating the right content can be a challenge. That’s why we provide immediate access to our MobieTrain Academy. With an array of top-notch tracks; you can get started right away.

  • With more than 80 tracks to explore, you’re sure to find the knowledge you need for personal and professional growth.

  • Our team of Creative Writers has poured passion into crafting visually and textually stunning courses.

  • We’ve delved deep into research to create in-depth trainings tailored for the retail and hospitality sectors.

  • Our academy also covers a wide array of tracks in wellness & wellbeing, soft skills, IT essentials, and health & safety.

  • Invest in the continuous growth of your team – our academy is your gateway to success!