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Meet Mobie, our new AI assistant – always there to help.

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Mobie, our AI-powered chatbot, revolutionises your employee experience by providing instant support and personalised assistance. With Mobie, employees can ask questions, receive immediate answers in the flow of work, and access essential brand-related information in their preferred language.

Transform your frontline teams’ experience with Mobie, the AI Chatbot

Mobie provides your team with instant support and immediate access to job-specific info without asking other employees. Save time, enhance productivity, and deliver memorable customer interactions. Experience operational excellence with insights in the flow of work. MobieTrain revolutionises your team’s operations with its new AI chatbot.

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Increase operational efficiency with insights in the flow of work

Mobie AI chatbot
  • Provide your frontline team with immediate ​brand-related information to enhance their expertise.​

  • Boost operational efficiency with informed decisions.

  • Enable instant access to essential knowledge ​precisely when your team needs it.​

  • Enhance the customer experience through a team ​that is thoroughly equipped and prepared.​

A brand-new AI-Assistant at their fingertips

  • Empower your customer-facing teams

    By uploading relevant content for Mobie to scan, you can empower your employees with hands-on knowledge and essential information whenever needed.

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  • Provide real-time resources

    With Mobie, your teams have access to the job-specific knowledge they need to perform their tasks effectively.

    Mobie AI Chatbot AI in retail
  • Boost efficiency and save time

    By eliminating the need to manually seek out knowledge from managers or colleagues, Mobie save employees valuable time and increase efficiency.

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  • Improve customer experience

    Whether it’s clarifying company policies, retrieving product details, or accessing on-the-go information, Mobie ensures that users have the knowledge they need at their fingertips.

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  • Mobie - AI chatbot
  • Mobie AI Chatbot
  • AI Chatbot

Transform frontline expertise: elevate your employee experience with Mobie

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Mobie AI chatbot