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Tailored training that makes your frontline staff grow every day

Unlock your team’s potential

Onboard and train your team with the right knowledge at the right time, helping them to achieve job-specific goals and deliver memorable experiences.

Guide your frontline teams to daily success with one platform

Equip your customer-facing teams with the crucial skills and knowledge they need to nail their jobs. Improve their onboarding process, make them flourish with a continuous training program, enhance your daily operations, and increase your customer satisfaction.

Start getting results

Train your team smarter & better with gamified microlearning

Make learning efficient through interactive gamified modules that maximise your team’s knowledge retention and immediate application of skills. Tailor content for personalised growth, boosting your team’s efficiency and performance.

➜ Create engaging learning experiences with fun bite-sized training tracks
➜ Increase your team’s engagement with interactive quizzes and polls
➜ Optimize learning efficiency with immediate feedback and coaching

Get your team’s work done
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Offer great training in no time with a proven Content Academy

Finding or creating content can be a big challenge. Provide your team members with direct access to the MobieTrain Academy. An array of proven training tracks awaits you, enabling you to get started within seconds and save valuable time.

➜ Explore a library of more than 80 pre-build training tracks
➜ Follow in-depth trainings tailored for retail and hospitality
➜ Learn about wellbeing, soft skills, IT essentials, health & safety

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Access the Academy and get inspired

  • Content only creates real fireworks when you deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

    Connect your people & content
  • The greatest stories resonate, educate, and motivate. Get inspired by the successful stories of our customers.

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Improve the way your teams learn, communicate and perform. Start today!

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