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Born out of a decade of customer experience insights and driven by the desire to empower employees, this is our story.

Our Mission

At MobieTrain we believe that we can empower all employees by providing them with the right content at the right time to support them in their professional and personal development. With knowledge at their fingertips, they have the chance to make a difference.

Not only will an engaging learning experience help employees to become more confident and self-assured, but it will also open new doors for them and create new opportunities. Your employees, your team, your people – they are the essence of your company.

Our Solution

Mobile. Microlearning. Platform. 3 words, unlimited possibilities. Easily create your own branded learning paths with your own content and train your frontline employees in a motivating and effective way to increase customer experience, productivity and employee engagement. Drive sales and adopt change or reduce the safety incidents in your work environment. We repeat: ‘the possibilities are endless.

MobieTrain solution platform

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Our Story

MobieTrain was founded in 2015 by Guy Van Neck, Mireille van Hemert-Schelling and Willi Van Boven after being recognised for innovation by Chicago Booth Business School, followed shortly by a prestigious award by IWT. Since then we have transformed our customer experience insights and L&D expertise into gamified, mobile-first microlearning platform.

Our Values

We know we are bigger than the sum of our parts: we harvest a true feeling of respect, trust and pride for our teammates, clients, and partners. We work with people we believe in and who we can learn from, and vice-versa.
We know, it’s hip to ‘care’ – but MobieTrainers really mean this one. We see each other as complex people with varied interests so we make sure each of us feels appreciated, valued and heard.
Ambition doesn’t have
to be a ‘dirty’ word: MobieTrainers are ambitious because we take ownership of our targets, and we chase our goals creatively! We don’t see problems, we see solutions!
We believe in the power of regular, open, and honest communication. Why? Because having all the information we need out in the open allows us to be more creative and proactive, and to work smarter.
In the beginning, not too long ago, we came out of the woodwork with a revolutionary solution. It was different, it was scary – but here we are! Since then, we never stopped facing challenges courageously. It’s in our DNA
Every start up on the block know this: flexibility is the name of the game. We know that change makes us stronger, and we rejoice in being a different person every stay. It keeps us strong and adaptative, a force to be reckoned with!

Our latest Teambuilding

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Our Customers

After spending the last decade gathering customer insights and leading training for some of Europe’s biggest brands, we understand how greater knowledge empowers greater performance and productivity. That is why we are on a mission to put employees at the heart of their own learning and development, with mobile-first training. After all, knowledge is power, and we want to empower as many employees as we possibly can.

Our Efforts in Numbers

100,000+ users in 30 countries and 80+ brands including Vans, Emirates Post, Timberland, Decathlon, Azadea, City of Rotterdam, Hästens and many others

Meet the A-Team

Guy Van Neck
CEO / Founder
Mireille Van Hemert – Schelling
COO / Co-Founder
Willi Van Boven
CTO / Co-Founder
Marcel Timmer
Jasper D’Hooghe
Nouri Zouaghi
Business Development Director
Silvie Inghels
Director of Partnerships
Kristof Verheecke
Product Owner
Romina Biliris
HR & Office Coordinator
Sven Valcke
Customer Success Team Lead
Sara Davidson
Customer Success Team Lead
Michaël Jacobs
Customer Success Manager
Giuseppe Branca
Customer Success Manager Spain
Milan van Velzen
Customer Success Manager
Viktoria Tarancova
Content Manager
Jennifer Dekker
Content Writer
Victoria Cogorno
Creative Content Writer
Svea Daniels
Content Writer
Glenn John
Content Writer
Joost Hofstee
Sales Executive Netherlands
Jesse Bosselaar
Sales Executive Netherlands
Costa Fragkoulis
Sales Executive Belgium
Alessandro Ferraro
Sales Executive Belgium
Marta Escobar
Senior Sales Executive Spain
Ricardo Rodriguez
Sales Development Representative Spain
Francesca Dellisanti
Sales Executive Italy
Benny Denil
Sales Development Representative Belgium
Laurent Van Brussel
Marketing Manager
Tamara Orjonikidze
Marketing Specialist
Giovanna Marmo
Marketing Specialist Spain
Laura Fornaroli
Marketing Specialist Italy
Inês Sá
Graphic & UX/UI Designer
Rui Oliveira
Development Team Lead
Celso Palmeiro Neto
Software Engineer
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes
Full Stack Engineer
Tiago Taquelim Ferreira
Frontend Engineer
Jeremy Condotta
Digital Marketing Specialist
Ederson Angelo da Silva
Backend Engineer
Michael Rollé
Software Quality Tester
Mariana Cristiano
Frontend Engineer
Raquel Serrano
Frontend Engineer
Joseph Utulu
Backend Engineer
Pedro Trindade
Frontend Engineer
Andy Meylaers
First Line Support
Toon Van den Eynde
Software Quality Tester
Haroun Sabbah
Insight Manager
Marion Desourteaux
Key Account Manager France
Excellence Oyeniran
Full Stack Engineer
Julie Meers
Creative Content Writer
Alberto Ferraro
Sales Development Representative Italy
Ejiro Ogidigbo
Frontend Engineer
Derk Knetemann
Sales Development Representative
Elisa Rey Reviriego
Customer Success Manager
Benedict Onyedikachi
Backend Engineer
Randy Scharberg
Inside Sales Executive
Johan Dek
Chief Product Officer
João Vieira
Full Stack Engineer
Annick Smeers
Recruitment & Travel coordinator
Marijke van Remortel
Finance Manager
Hannah Vandereycken
Functional analyst
Christian Erquicia Degnan
Senior Account Executive
Stefano Scirgalea
Stefano Scirgalea Marketing Graphic Designer
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