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Fantastic Four: Introducing 4 New Content Formats To Boost Employee Empowerment

Posted on May 22, 2024

A golden rule for employee empowerment? Innovation, diversity and variation are crucial to keep your employees engaged and motivated to learn. At MobieTrain, we’re continuously searching for ways to keep training efficient and pleasant. In this article, we introduce you to four new content formats, designed to revolutionise the way your teams learn and grow.

We recently hosted a MobieTrain webinar to discuss our latest platform innovations as we created new content formats to amplify the range of training options to empower your team and provide them with knowledge in the way they prefer, where and when they need it.

Encouraged by our client’s overwhelmingly positive response, we wrote this article highlighting the most important parts of the webinar, showing you what these new content formats are about and sharing some practical tips with you to get the most out of these new formats.

Unlocking a World of Possibilities

But let’s start with some background information. You know this, we know this, everyone should know this: one-size-fits-all approaches don’t work. Mic Drop! 

Why? Everyone absorbs knowledge differently and no one loves to follow training in the same way over and over again. Just think about the giant courses you got when you were at school (although we know the only Giant you liked back then, was probably the Quick burger). We already start sweating while remembering those days of studying endless books.

Besides that, not each type of content leans itself to each type of training. Different kinds of information need different kinds of training and/or different content formats. It’s about finding the perfect mix, the ideal recipe, to maximize your employees’ potential. (talking about that Giant Burger again, Quick’s first recipe wasn’t the best one neither)

That’s why MobieTrain develops a diverse range of training formats, from Crash Courses to Single Learning Moments, from Info Boosters to Quizzes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. With endless possibilities and choices at your fingertips, the power to shape your enablement journey lies in your hands.

These content formats represent a significant step forward in the world of workplace learning. Gone are the days of text-only formats, because you’re offering a personalised approach that caters to the diverse learning preferences of your team members. Whether they prefer visual, auditory, or text-based learning, our platform provides a variety of options to suit their needs.

Putting Theory into Practice with Four New Content Formats

Let us first emphasise the importance of making a clear distinction between need-to-know and nice-to-know content. Our ‘good old’ Crash Courses belong to the first category and are still the go-to format to share and test knowledge in a more in-depth way. Think of onboarding tracks, product tracks, customer service tracks, … 

A well-written crash course forms a strong foundation – it’s the bun of your burger – but it doesn’t have to stop there. We’re introducing four new content formats to add some extra sauce and ingredients to your training program.

  • Single Learning? A great addition for essential knowledge that requires testing
  • Info Booster or Video-Only? Your choice for more general info or visual content

By combining these formats strategically, you can create a comprehensive training plan that meets your team’s needs and drives results. In other words: by mixing and matching different formats and playing around with dependencies to create a logical flow, you will be able to take your employees quite literally on a journey.

1. Video-Only Format: power to the people

The Video-Only format is perfect for sharing knowledge about specific tools (such as your cash register system or HR portal) or typical brand processes. It’s also an excellent format for showcasing in-house expertise and putting your team members in the spotlight. 

Try to create short, informative videos featuring your team members demonstrating how to use different tools or sharing their expertise on relevant topics. These videos will not only educate your team but also foster a sense of team spirit and recognition among colleagues. Ideally, you’ll create a cycle of motivation where team members inspire each other to record similar videos. 

MobieTrain tip: keep it simple. There’s no need for a glamorous Hollywood production, a Quentin Tarantino script or an Emma Stone Oscar winning acting performance. In fact, down-to-earth-type-of-videos are the new black. Spontaneous demos or team videos are all you need to share essential information while keeping it short and fun.

MobieTrain tip: regarding your film crew and materials: your smartphone camera will do the trick, as long as you film horizontally and keep the video under 1,5 min. Make sure to get a clear sound, a small external microphone can make a huge difference and won’t cost you a lot.

2. Info Booster Format: a picture says more than a thousand words

Info Boosters are the way to go for sharing visual one-pagers, infographics, or summaries of key information. They provide a quick and easy way for users to access essential knowledge without overwhelming them with text.

MobieTrain tip: visually appealing one-pagers summarising important concepts, procedures, or product features are golden. The best part? You don’t need an in-house designer to help you out. Canva has about a bazillion templates to create stunning overviews within the blink of an eye. No designer skills are needed (we speak from experience, trust us ‘non-designers’). 

3. Quiz-Only Format: recap knowledge with scenario-based questions

Use the Quiz-Only format to recap knowledge from videos or Crash Courses and test your team’s understanding of key concepts. It’s a fun and interactive way to reinforce learning and ensure retention. Use common mistakes as a starting point and turn them into relevant scenarios where you share best practices and encourage critical thinking.

MobieTrain tip: bring knowledge to life by using practical scenario-based questions. Most people learn best from relevant examples. ‘A client is looking for X, how would you approach this situation?’ or ‘Thomas is struggling with a complaining customer, try to …’ 

4. Single Learning Format: say ‘hi’ to junior

Single Learning moments are the little brother to our good old Crash Courses. They are perfect for short and sweet content that requires knowledge testing. They provide a focused learning experience that can be completed in just a few minutes, making them ideal for busy team members.

MobieTrain tip: keep the content concise and actionable to maximise engagement. A learning moment is ideally between 7 and 12 steps long and contains a variety of 3 to 4 questions. Remember: any good learning moment starts with a motivational intro and a memorable outro.

Planning for Success

To make the most of our new content formats, we recommend creating a content or training plan. Consistency is key – so create a habit by clearly defining what you want to achieve.

Start by outlining the topics you’d like to cover and categorise them based on their importance and complexity. Then, select the appropriate formats for each type of content and begin creating your learning journey. With a clear plan in place, you can ensure that your team receives the knowledge they need in a way that resonates with them.

MobieTrain Learning Design Process

About MobieTrain

MobieTrain is an all-in-one platform designed to educate, enable, and engage your frontline teams. Our innovative approach to workplace learning empowers your team members to take control of their development and acquire the skills they need to succeed.

With our community, AI features, and new content formats, we aim to create an environment where users truly feel empowered to take control of their learning journey. Thanks to our commitment to continuous improvement, we will continue to refine and enhance our platform to meet the evolving needs of our users.

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