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About us

The answer is very simple: Mobile Training.

Our mobile learning platform revolutionizes workplace training with mobile-first microlearning. We want to give every employee the opportunity to develop themselves with knowledge. Our learning app is user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy to create your own trainings! MobieTrain improves knowledge retention with personalised and gamified learning paths.

We want to become the biggest mobile microlearning solution in Europe to empower as many employees as possible. With the right training content at the right time on the device they prefer, we want to help them succeed in their professional and personal lives. With readily knowledge at their fingertips, we believe that every user will have a chance to shine and make a difference.

Not only will an engaging learning experience help employees to become more confident, it will also open new doors for them and create new opportunities. Your employees, your team, your people – they are the essence of your company.

At the moment there are about 50 MobieTrainers and we keep on growing at the speed of light!

We are one big family who loves food and fun, but we’re also very passionate about our mission and dedicated to our job!

Join us here if you want to help us empower employees all around the world with knowledge!

No, it’s not. MobieTrain is a web-based application. It has all the benefits of an app but without the need to have an account on iCloud or Google Play Store. And if you add the weblink to your home screen or favourites, you can have the same app-like experience

Well, first of all, employees need to take time away from their jobs to follow a more traditional training. Face-to-face trainings and traditional LMS deliver too much information at once to remember. Besides, it takes a lot of time to create and organise such trainings, which only provide general ‘one-size-fits-all’ content. And let’s not forget that after the training, it’s difficult to measure its impact on your employees and their jobs.

With MobieTrain, your employees can train wherever and whenever they want on their mobile devices. The short, fun and bite-sized training content improves knowledge retention by 50%, so the personalized, gamified trainings are perfect to boost knowledge. MobieTrain allows you to use different types of content (text, videos, images, etc.), so there’s something in it to the liking of every kind of learner! Our solution also makes it easy for you to create your own branded learning tracks without investing lots of time in it. Thanks to our dashboard, you can easily analyse results and tackle knowledge gaps

We believe in taking a different, more creative approach to learning. By empowering your employees with knowledge, everyone in your company or organisation will benefit. Well-trained employees are the success of any company or organisation.

MobieTrain increases employee engagement, retention, and productivity, and most importantly: it gives everyone in your company the chance to learn and develop themselves whenever they want. And, because they feel valued and appreciated, training increases their commitment and personal confidence. It’s all about creating a positive and stimulating work environment.

There is no need for that! Quite the opposite actually, because we believe in a blended learning approach!

As a mobile-first platform with a focus on gamification and knowledge retention, MobieTrain can perfectly coexist with other more traditional training platforms. We offer personalised training paths made specifically for mobile devices and the mobile workforce. This does not mean that you need to replace your existing training programs.

In fact, it would be interesting to analyse which knowledge gaps currently exist amongst employees and to work on them during face-to-face courses.

No matter what product you sell or what kind of service you provide, training your frontline team is essential to make sure they do the things that matter most. MobieTrain can help you do that in a fun and effective way. 5 minutes a day, that’s all it takes.

Do you want to know more about how we can help you in your industry? Have a look here!

In short, there are 3 possible packages:

  • Option 1: you do it yourself
    We train you how to work with our authoring tool and share best practices, after which you will be able to create your own training courses: fast and cost-effective!
  • Option 2: we do it for you
    We help you to transform the content in our system. This way, we unburden your teams completely, so they can focus on the other aspects of the learning journey!
  • Option 3: hybrid
    We train you how to work with our authoring tool and share best practices and we create the first learning tracks so you can get going from day 1, after which you will be able to create your own training courses: fast and cost-effective!

Would you like to read more about the 3 options? No problem! Check out this blog article!

Does microlearning sound like a handful? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Together we will reach your learning and development goals. Our customer success management is there to help you in every possible way!

Not only will a dedicated customer success manager help you with a successful launch but they will also update you with with regular calls to discuss adoption and engagement. As well with this, you’ll get access to the MobieTrain Community with best practices from similar organisations!

Of course, it is! Our Content Management System (CMS) is foolproof, so anyone can easily create content. And thanks to the preview in our CMS you get to immediately see what your learning path would look like!

Yes, it is!

ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation –an independent, non-governmental, international organisation that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems.

Having an ISO 27001 certificate verifies that we comply with all the safety and security regulations and that we offer a secure and reliable system.

Features & Benefits

Microlearning is a unique and effective way of training your employees, focused on providing bite-sized training content, offering just the right amount of knowledge to help the learner achieve a specific, actionable objective. In other words, you divide large pieces of content into smaller bits (preferably with as many visual aids as possible) and study these ‘learning moments’ step by step. Afterwards, you revise what you have just learned to ensure that you remember everything. Easy, right?

Combine this with a user-friendly design, gamification elements and retention techniques, and you’ve got yourself the perfect training tool that thousands of people around the world already love to use.

Today we need to have access to answers and knowledge quickly and easily. All employees, even the deskless ones, carry a mobile phone with them! Our mobile-first approach allows the user to consume content remotely, intuitively, and on-demand. In this way, people can learn quickly and in between their daily tasks.

No worries if you want to learn on your desktop or tablet! That works as well 😉

Technically, gamification is the application of typical elements of gameplay such as point-scoring, competition and rules of play to other areas of activity. This way, the users will feel encouraged to keep on using the application. We also believe that gamification keeps the learning process fun and gives something to work towards: it keeps users motivated!

Our biggest gamification element is the learning journey. Step by step, you can unlock new learning moments to complete different trainings and keep on learning. Other elements are experience points, badges, pop-up screens, scores, etc. – All to get your employees extra motivated!

If you want to find out more about our gamification elements, click here.

Not only can the users pick training courses to their liking, the admin can choose as well for each team which training programs will show on the home screen. In addition, the questions a user answered wrongly come back in the final test to make sure they’ll remember it correctly. Furthermore, the app will suggest other learning paths to the users based on the previous ones they’ve followed and their interests.

And even though we are employee-focused, we also provide a clear and user-friendly dashboard for management to track, analyse and optimise training and knowledge gaps.

Everyone knows Netflix! The success of this streaming service can partially be explained by its user-friendly home screen. The categories make it very easy to navigate through the offered movies and series: continue watching, what’s new, also interesting, etc. Our Skillflix does the exact same thing! It allows you to navigate just as smoothly through the different learning paths and it’s just as intuitive to use.

That would be our skillflix page! Just like the Netflix home screen, our skillflix allows you to navigate intuitively through the different learning paths that are available. They’re nicely ordered in categories so you can quickly find the one that’s perfect for your needs! It also remembers where you were in a path, so you never have to look for it!

But it’s not only the skillflix page that makes MobieTrain so user-friendly. It’s also thanks to our clean design. How to complete a learning path is self-explanatory, just like anything else in the app! And if you really want to look for something specific, you can always use the search function.


Our headquarters are located at C-Mine 12, 3600 Genk, Belgium.

But we also have offices in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and France!

  • Praça Marquês de Pombal, 14, sala 203, 1250-162 Lisboa, Portugal
  • C. de Alfonso XII, 62, 2nd Floor, 28014 Madrid, Spain
  • Spaces Vetra, Piazza Vetra 17, 20123 Milano, Italy
  • Johan Huizingalaan 763A, 1066 VH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Morning Monceau – 10 rue Treilhard 75008 Paris, France

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, feel free to visit and join us for coffee! We’ll gladly tell you more about our mobile training solution or just talk about the weather

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