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Frequently Asked Questions

In our Frequently Asked Questions section, you’ll find everything you’ve always wanted to know about our employee enablement platform. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t worry! Let’s meet each other over coffee!

About us

  • What does MobieTrain stand for?

    Employee Enablement is the answer!

    Our performance enablement platform has revolutionised workplace training by introducing mobile-first microlearning. Every employee should be able to develop themselves with knowledge, so we have created a user-friendly and intuitive learning app that lets you create your training.

    With MobieTrain, you can benefit from personalised and gamified learning paths that improve knowledge retention.

  • What is our vision?

    Our vision is to become Europe’s leading employee enablement platform, empowering as many employees as possible to succeed professionally and personally. We strive to provide employees with the most relevant content, available on any device at any time so they can perform to the best of their abilities. We believe that by providing accessible knowledge, every user will have the opportunity to shine and make a difference.

    A captivating learning experience can boost not only employee confidence but also create new opportunities for your business. Your employees, team, and people are the heart of your company, and we are here to help them thrive.

  • How many employees are there at MobieTrain?

    Currently, we have around 50 MobieTrainers and our team is expanding rapidly. Despite being a tight-knit group that enjoys food and fun, we are equally enthusiastic about our mission and committed towards our work.

    If you share the same passion and want to contribute towards empowering employees worldwide with knowledge, then feel free to join us.

  • Is MobieTrain an app?

    It’s incorrect. MobieTrain is much more than just an app.

    It’s a web-based application that offers all the benefits of an app without needing an iCloud or Google Play Store account. Additionally, by adding the weblink to your home screen or favourites, you can enjoy the same app-like experience.

  • What’s the difference between traditional learning and MobieTrain?

    When it comes to learning methods, traditional training has some drawbacks.

    Employees have to take time off work to attend face-to-face training or use traditional LMSs that deliver too much information at once, making it challenging to remember everything. The creation and organization of this type of training is also time-consuming and often results in general “one-size-fits-all” content. Additionally, it’s difficult to assess the training’s impact on employees and their jobs.

    On the other hand, MobieTrain allows employees to train at their own pace on their mobile devices, whenever and wherever they want. Our personalized, gamified training content is designed to improve knowledge retention by 50%.

    We offer different types of content, including text, videos, and images, that cater to every type of learner. Our easy-to-use platform enables you to create your own branded training tracks quickly.

    With our dashboard, analysing results and addressing knowledge gaps is a breeze.

  • Why would you choose MobieTrain?

    A unique and creative approach to learning is crucial for any organization.

    Providing knowledge and training to your employees can benefit everyone in your company. Well-trained employees are the foundation of any successful organization. MobieTrain offers the ideal solution to improve employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

    MobieTrain helps boost employee engagement, retention, and productivity by enabling employees to acquire knowledge and develop new skills. This, in turn, leads to better job performance and a positive impact on customer experience.

    With well-trained employees, your organization will be better equipped to provide the highest level of service and support to your customers, ultimately leading to greater success for your business.

  • If you choose MobieTrain, do you need to cancel your current LMS and training programs?

    At MobieTrain, we have a unique approach that might surprise you.

    A blended learning approach works best when different training programs can coexist and complement each other. Our mobile-first platform uses gamification and knowledge retention techniques, which means we offer personalized training paths explicitly designed for mobile devices and the mobile workforce.

    You don’t need to replace your existing training programs with ours. Instead, you can use them to fill the knowledge gaps among your employees. Analysing and working on these gaps during face-to-face courses would be interesting. We can help you identify the areas where your employees need more support and tailor our training programs accordingly.

  • For which industries can you use MobieTrain?

    Training your frontline team, regardless of the product or service you offer, is crucial to ensure that they perform the most essential tasks.

    MobieTrain offers a fun and effective solution that requires only 5 minutes daily. Do you want to learn more about how we can assist you in your industry? Check us out!

  • What type of packages do we offer?

    There are three possible packages available for you to choose from. 

    Option 1: You can do it yourself. We will train you on how to work with our authoring tool and share best practices. This will enable you to create your training courses quickly and cost-effectively.

    Option 2: We can do it for you. We will help you transform our system’s content, which will completely unburden your teams. This way, they can focus on other aspects of the learning journey.

    Option 3: Hybrid. We will train you on how to work with our authoring tool, share best practices, and create the first learning tracks. This will enable you to start from day one, after which you can create your training courses quickly and cost-effectively.

  • What kind of support can you expect?

    Are you feeling overwhelmed by the concept of microlearning?

    Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We are here to help you achieve your learning and development objectives. Our customer success management team is always available to assist you in every possible way!

    Not only will a dedicated customer success manager support you in achieving a successful launch, but they will also provide regular updates through calls to discuss adoption and engagement. Additionally, you will have access to the MobieTrain Community, where you can learn about best practices from similar organisations.

  • Is it possible for you to create content yourself?

    Of course, it is!

    Our Content Management System (CMS) is user-friendly, making content creation easy. Plus, with the CMS preview, you can see your learning path immediately!

  • Is MobieTrain ISO 27001:2017 compliant?

    Yes, it is!

    The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is an independent, non-governmental organisation that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of products, services, and systems worldwide.

    Obtaining an ISO 27001 certificate indicates that we comply with all safety and security regulations and provide a secure and reliable system.

Features & Benefits

  • What is microlearning?

    Microlearning is a highly efficient method of training employees.

    It involves delivering bite-sized training content that offers the proper knowledge for the learner to achieve a specific, actionable objective. This approach breaks down large pieces of content into smaller, easy-to-understand sections, often with visual aids. You can then study these ‘learning moments’ step by step and revise the material to ensure it’s fully understood.

    With a user-friendly design, gamification elements, and retention techniques, microlearning is a powerful training tool that thousands worldwide already enjoy using.

    It’s easy to see why this approach is quickly becoming famous for businesses that want to train their employees efficiently.

  • What is mobile-first learning?

    In today’s fast-paced world, having quick and easy access to information and knowledge has become increasingly important. With the ubiquity of mobile phones, even frontline employees have a device at their disposal.

    Our mobile-first approach to learning and development enables employees to consume content intuitively and on-demand, regardless of location. This allows your customer-facing team to learn efficiently and effectively, even during daily routines.

    However, if you prefer your desktop or tablet, that works just as well.

  • What is gamification?

    Gamification applies game-like features, such as point-scoring, competition, and rules of play, to other non-gaming activities. This approach encourages users to continue using the application and makes learning more enjoyable. It also gives users a sense of achievement and something to work towards, motivating them.

    Our main gamification feature is the learning journey, where users can unlock new learning opportunities as they progress. We also offer experience points, badges, pop-up screens, scores, and more to motivate and engage your employees.

  • How does MobieTrain provide personalised learning?

    Employees are free to select their preferred courses, while the admin can choose specific training programs for each team to display on the home screen.

    Furthermore, the app ensures that users remember the correct answers to the questions they answered incorrectly by presenting them again in the final test. Moreover, the app provides personalised learning paths to users based on their training history and interests.

    Although our primary focus is enhancing the employee experience, we also offer a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard for management to track, analyse, and optimise training and knowledge gaps.

  • Why is MobieTrain the Netflix of learning?

    Netflix is a widely known streaming platform that has gained immense popularity due to its user-friendly interface. The platform provides easy navigation through categories like “continue watching,” “what’s new,” and “attractive.”

    Similarly, our employee enablement platform offers an intuitive and straightforward interface that allows for effortless navigation through different learning paths.

    The best part about our platform is that training your employees on how to use it is unnecessary since it is easy to use, and they will likely be familiar with it.

  • What makes MobieTrain so user-friendly?

    At MobieTrain, we have designed a platform called Skillflix, which is similar to the Netflix homepage. However, it is specifically created for learning purposes.

    Skillflix allows you to browse various learning paths organised into different categories, making it easier for you to choose the one that best fits your needs. Moreover, Skillflix saves your progress in a course so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of searching for it again.

    Besides Skillflix, our app has a user-friendly interface that makes going through a learning path easy and self-explanatory. You can always use the search function if you ever need to find something specific.


  • Where is MobieTrain located?

    Our headquarters are located at C-Mine 12, 3600 Genk, Belgium.

    But we also have offices in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and France!

    • Praça Marquês de Pombal, 14, sala 203, 1250-162 Lisboa, Portugal
    • Spaces Vetra, Piazza Vetra 17, 20123 Milan, Italy
    • Johan Huizingalaan 763A, 1066 VH Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, feel free to visit and join us for coffee! We’ll gladly tell you more about our mobile training solution or just talk about the weather.

  • How can you get a demo?

    That’s an easy one! Here you go:

    After you’ve filled out the form, our awesome sales team will get back to you as soon as possible to set a date!

  • I’m a customers and I need help. Can you help me?

    If you’re a customer seeking more information on how to use our platform, click here. We’ve got you covered!