Frequently Asked Questions

What does MobieTrain stand for?

Very simple: Mobile Training. Our mobile learning platform empowers employees with knowledge so that your company can boost sales and productivity. MobieTrain improves knowledge retention with personalised and gamified learning paths.

What is our vision/what are our goals?

Our vision is to combine social learning and Artificial Intelligence to intuitively bring the perfect, personalised training content to the right user, at the right time. With this, we will go beyond mobile and traditional Learning Management Systems to become the next standard in workplace learning.

Is Mobietrain an LMS?

Well, kind of. An LMS (Learning Management System) spans many things. An LMS is usually organised by the management team of the company and provides different kinds of employee training such as face-to-face courses, different kinds of tests, personal classes, videos and more.
At MobieTrain, we provide mobile-first learning (mobile LMS) to help employees learn on the go on any device. To keep it more fun and interesting, we’ve added different kinds of gamification to empower and inspire employees to continue learning. We are employee-focused but provide a clear and user-friendly dashboard for management to track, analyse and optimise training and knowledge gaps.

Why would you choose for Mobietrain?

We believe in taking a different, more creative approach to learning. We believe that, by empowering your employees with knowledge, everyone in your company or organisation will benefit from the results. Well trained employees are the success of any company or organisation. It increases employee engagementretention, and productivity. It decreases the need for supervision, reduces absenteeism. It improves customer service, and boosts sales.
Well-trained employees make fewer mistakes and, because they feel valued and appreciated, training increases their commitment and personal confidence. It’s all about creating a positive and stimulating work environment.

What is Mobile Learning?

According to the Google dictionary, mobile learning is the education or training conducted by means of portable computing devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. We, however, like to go a bit further by saying that mobile learning gives you a new and advanced way of learning whenever and wherever you want. By adding aspects such as gamification, microlearning and personalised learning paths, we make learning fun again. We believe that mobile learning is the future of work!

Does Mobietrain only work for retail, or other industries as well?

At the moment we focus mainly on the retail sector, having been built with retailers for retailers. However, our vision is to become the global standard in mobile learning to boost sales and productivity across all sectors.

What is knowlegde retention, and why is at the core of Mobietrain?

80% of all traditional learning is forgotten after 30 days! That is why we’ve built MobieTrain. We use Piers Wozniak’s knowledge retention methodology to ensure that key learning moments are delivered at the perfect time and with the perfect frequency for employees to remember what they’ve learnt and actually apply it to their jobs.

Do i need to cancel our current LMS an training programmes if i go ahead with Mobietrain?

There is no need for that! As a mobile-first platform with a focus on gamification and knowledge retention, MobieTrain can perfectly coexist with other, more traditional training platforms.
We offer personalised training paths made specifically for mobile and the mobile workforce. This does not mean that you need to replace your existing training programmes. In fact, it would be interesting to analyse which knowledge gaps currently exist amongst employees and to work on them during face-to-face courses.

What is the added value Mobietrain brings?

We do things differently. We believe that empowering your employees will not only boost your sales, but also create a work atmosphere where everybody feels comfortable and needed. MobieTrain revolutionises workplace learning with our mobile-first, microlearning platform. We empower employees to drive their own career development and retain knowledge through bite-sized training content that they love. we differentiate ourselves from other training platforms by keeping our learning paths as user-friendly as possible. We focus on the simplicity of our training platform so that the user can fully enjoy the application without having to worry about anything else.

Is a mobile learning platform more expensive than traditional learning?

According to the Training Industry Report, an average training budget for a small company amounts to $234,850 on an annual basis. The average training cost per employee 2016 comes to $1,041. By using our application, your company will be able to save money on more traditional training programs and invest in short, intensive courses, which focus on the knowledge gaps.

What is gamification?

Technically, gamification is the application of typical elements of gameplay such as point-scoring, competition with others and rules of play to other areas of activity. This way, the users will feel encouraged to keep on using the application. We also believe that gamification keeps the learning process fun and that the user will stay motivated to complete the entire learning path.

Where is Mobietrain located?

At the moment, our main office is located the C-Mine 12, 3600 Genk.