Excellent customer care from check-in to check-out: today’s travellers are looking for warmth in the welcome and comfort in the facilities. With high staff turnover and often complex behind-the-scenes logistics, good hospitality becomes a juggling act of customer service skills and organisational savvy.

In walks MobieTrain. Our mobile-first training platform allows you to provide continuous training, to all staff, and match it to their exact level of expertise. It can be used on-the-go, whether they are behind the front desk or working in the kitchen. 

Actually, you can quickly add new content to match the learning needs of the person or the moment; from a personalised learning path for newbies to a crash course in dealing with new health & safety protocols for the whole team. Doing so will be faster (50% faster!) and more effective (up to 6 x more effective!) than with a traditional e-learning or face-to-face training alone.

Put a smile on everyone’s face

Happy staff, happy customers. And your crew should be happy, with MobieTrain they can access relevant, personalised training whenever and wherever it suits them and do so in a fun, engaging and playful way. Improving their communication abilities, or customer service has never been easier.

Serious fun

Our gamification elements encourage participation and motivation to keep going, and you can access data on learner’s progress at any time via the dashboard. Sound good? Thought so.

Effective learning

Microlearning has been scientifically proven to improve knowledge retention over time. Given a lot of info to process, most is forgotten in the first 20 minutes after the lesson ends! MobieTrain uses the spaced repetition method to help learners absorb all the knowledge they need.

Cost-effective training

As MobieTrain was designed with smartphones in mind, it doesn’t require any special equipment, time off work, room-hire, or outside specialists. You create your own content, branded and tailored to the needs of your organisation, in 50% less time than developing a traditional e-learning. And, we are here to support you. You can be up and running in as little as 2 weeks.


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