Successful change management is indispensable, COVID-19 proves why

In this blog we will talk about the importance of change management.

The pandemic has turned everyone’s world upside down. Both individuals and companies had to go through major changes, which required lots of flexibility. Change management focuses on exactly that: the flexibility of people and organizations.

What is change management?

Change management is defined as a method to systematically change people or processes within organizations. Good change management consists of informing and preparing staff, making the necessary changes on a step-by-step basis and monitoring the implementation of those changes.

At the start of the pandemic, everyone needed to get used to working from home. This required companies and their employees to rapidly implement changes. Businesses that had a hard time adjusting, have most likely failed to recognize that change is a dynamic and continuous process. Covid-19 has been an extreme event that forced companies to change their internal and external processes, but the truth is, companies should always be ready to adjust to change if necessary. The real key to success for organizations lies in always being able to change rapidly and effectively, even if that’s because of an unexpected pandemic.

This is how you successfully implement change management

So how do you implement successful change management? The ultimate goal is to help staff to adopt and use change in their role. It’s key to start at the individual level, as company results completely depend on how well change is being implemented by employees. 
There are several change management models, but we would like to focus on the Adkar model. This model guarantees a lower resistance to change and a quicker implementation and adoption by employees. Adkar is an acronym for Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. In order to make an effective change, companies should first start with making everyone aware of what needs to change. Next it’s essential to ingrain a desire in staff to make the change. For that to be successful, they need to know what needs to change and how to go about it. This can only happen if they have the ability to do so, which can be achieved through training and practice. After implementing the changes, it’s key to maintain them through reinforcement.

Get ready for the future with mobile microlearning

As we’ve discussed above, training is an essential part of making sustainable changes in your business. We therefore recommend investing in a learning platform that can be used anytime and anywhere. In addition, the training content always needs to be based on your employees’ individual needs so that successful implementation is guaranteed. 

Change is often accompanied by resistance to change from your employees. In some instances, this can be fatal, as the adaptability of your employees is important for the survival of the business. That’s why relevant and effective training is now more important than ever. With the help of MobieTrain, your staff can be continuous learners that are highly flexible and always prepared to make changes.

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