MobieTrain, the microlearning app tailor-made for companies and SMEs, arrives in Italy

The Belgian scale-up was created with the aim of revolutionising corporate training, making it increasingly digital, intuitive and fun. In 2021 it recorded a growth of 250%, currently has more than 100,000 users and has been chosen by more than 70 companies in Europe.

“Training? It will be increasingly central to corporate culture and for employees, talent acquisition and HR,” comments Nouri Zouaghi, Business Development Director MobieTrain

Milan, 6th April 2022 – Making corporate training “at your fingertips” but above all effective, light and fun. This is the aim of MobieTrain (, a Belgian scale-up that is coming to Italy to launch its innovative approach to corporate training and learning.

The company, which recorded 250% growth in 2021 alone, with over 100,000 users and more than 70 client companies and organisations including Decathlon, Vans, Timberland, Proximus and DPD Group, through a completely mobile-first approach and with an intuitive and simple design, has in fact developed a technology that offers companies and SMEs the possibility to build customised microlearning paths for the internal training of their employees.

Diesel S.p.A is an Italian retail clothing company, located in Breganze, Italy and one of the first MobieTrain customers.

MobieTrain’s growth shows that in the last two years the transformation of the working environment and the massive use of smart working have highlighted the shortcomings of the training and education of many companies. Consequently, with a view to a decisive acceleration of the digitisation process already underway in many business processes, many companies are looking for new learning tools in an attempt to adapt to the new business dynamics, as well as to better prepare their employees for the upcoming market challenges.

According to a survey conducted by MobieTrain among more than 100 companies in Europe, 48.9% agree that training is now high on their list of priorities. But, above all, 41.5% of the companies noted that it is the employees themselves who are asking for upskilling and reskilling training that is more in line with the new needs outlined by the labour market.

From 5 minutes a day of training: the benefits of the MobieTrain approach

Founded in 2015 by Guy Van Neck, Mireille van Hemert-Schelling and Willi Van Boven, young Belgian entrepreneurs, today MobieTrain has a global network of partners in Germany, Switzerland, Australia and a presence in Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and now in Italy.

The platform is based on the concept of micro-learning: bite-sized training content pills that deliver just the right amount of knowledge to help employees achieve a specific goal effectively and quickly. Through MobieTrain, companies can provide employees from five minutes of mobile training per day: this not only improves engagement and avoids information overload, but above all also improves the quality of learning.

The efficiency of this approach, which enables its users to retain information 50% longer and feel 4 times more engaged than traditional methods, is due to its short, interactive and personalised format, using gamification techniques, videos and images. Companies can also fully customise the platform, mapping out the most suitable route and content or relying on MobieTrain’s creative team to create training tracks.

Nouri Zouaghi, Director of Business Development and Head of Expansion at MobieTrain

Through our technology we try to encourage those who use our application to replay until they fully grasp the content, – says Nouri Zouaghi, Director of Business Development and Head of Expansion at MobieTrain – “I like to compare it to when we were studying at school, when it was necessary to reread the book even a couple of times before understanding everything completely: the same principle, thanks to the algorithms we use, is automatically built into MobieTrain.

Talent attraction and great resignation: training to engage and develop employees  

According to a McKinsey study, 40% of workers worldwide intend to change jobs in the next 6 months, which is why attracting and retaining talent is an unprecedented challenge for companies today. In this context, corporate training assumes a decisive role for the satisfaction and productivity of their employees and, consequently, for the business. Thanks to the system developed by MobieTrain, employees can expand their knowledge wherever they want, whenever they want and on any device.  The use of MobieTrain within companies also allows employees to spend less time on training, increasing their engagement, motivation and satisfaction.

“One of the triggers of the ‘Great Resignation’ phenomenon is undoubtedly the lack of employee engagement and that I believe is linked to Learning and Development strategies within companies,”concludes Nouri Zouaghi“With MobieTrain we help companies to easily create their own learning paths and train their employees in a simple and effective way. This leads to increased performance, productivity and engagement and helps to promote the professional development of employees, allowing them to expand their knowledge through fun, light-hearted but no less impactful or effective content. An essential aspect for today’s businesses.”

Future goals

MobieTrain’s decision to focus on the Italian market stems from the strong digitalization process taking place within SMEs, the growing attention towards training and how to best implement a blend approach able to focus particularly on digital learning. The company’s objectives include, above all, its desire to enter the retail sector, with a focus on fashion, textiles, accessories and manufacturing, thanks to important previous experience with companies of the calibre of Diesel, Vans, Odlo and Timberland. Next to that MobieTrain has clients in other verticals like hospitality, logistics, professional services, healthcare and government.