MobieTrain donates to ‘Bednet’

This year MobieTrain decided to make a donation to Belgian organisation Bednet. The organisation helps children to feel less socially isolated by providing regular contact with their peers through a live video and audio experience.

MobieTrain is happy to support Bednet in this amazing initiative to help every child to get the right to education, even when not being able to attend classes in person. Aligning with MobieTrain’s mission: ‘making learning accessible to everyone’.

Bednet’s mission

Bednet ensures that children and young people who are temporarily or long-term absent due to illness, surgery, accident or pregnancy can still follow lessons, from home and together with their own class. This way they keep up with the learning material and they continue to see their friends. Bednet is free for school and family. 

Technology behind Bednet

With the donation of €5.000 we support 5 children in following synchronous Internet education (SIO), providing the following set: keyboard, classroom robot with movable camera (check the picture), internet cable, power strip, fiio microphone, jabra microphone, chromebook and chromebook cover.

With Synchronized Internet Education (SIO), Bednet guarantees sick children and teenage mothers who are temporarily out of school, distance education, via the computer, directly and in interaction with their class. Since 1 September 2015, the right to synchronous internet education has been included in a decree. Since the 2016-2017 school year, five-year-old toddlers can also use Bednet. On behalf of and with the support of the Flemish Government, Bednet wants to help all children who cannot go to school for medical reasons.

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