10 Ways to improve your learning content

To help you write even better learning paths, we’ve came up witch some tips and tricks to boost your creative minds.

Writing is all about expressing your creative thoughts, wouldn’t you agree? Well, our goal is to boost this creative process! To help you write even better learning paths, we’ve come up with some tips and tricks to boost your creative minds! Let’s Rock and Roll:

1. Appearance matters ✨

We believe that personalising your homepage, the colour of your tracks and your logo’s is very important to boost the engagement of your users! That’s why we never stop working on creating new ways to enhance the lay-out of our app.

Have you tried to adjust the following?

  • Colour of your path
  • Splash screen
  • Path-avatars
  • Path background
  • Personal image

2. Work with Text-Editor

We always say: “If you would need to study this content yourself, what would you do? Most people work with bullet-points and different colours to highlight the most important information. Help your users to remember the content by doing the same!

3. Introducing … 🥁

While we are all about ‘jumping right into it’, we do advice to always start a learning moment with a short introduction! Tell the users what this learning moment is about: What should they expect? What will they learn?

Encourage them to get started and make the most of it.

4. Variation is the spice of life 🧂

You know this, I know this, everyone knows this, but still, many people seem to forget to variate between different question formats! The more variation, the more engaging it will be for the users!

5. An image says more than a thousand words 📸

We believe that images, videos and GIFs (Yes Gifs!) are crucial to make an engaging track. We truly think that there is no such thing as ‘too many images’, so try to add an image with every text format, question formats, etc.

If you have a fun video that explains what you want to say within a minute or less, why would you write it all down? Don’t, because we tend to remember what we saw better than what we read. Don’t have any videos yourself? Let us introduce you to our good friend YouTube!

6. Create some space 🧘🏽‍♀️

Creating engaging content is not only about the content itself, but also about the way you ‘display’ it. What?

Yes! Imagine how you would feel if you open your textbook and all you see is pages and pages filled with nothing but continues text … 🤢

It doesn’t really encourage you to read it, does it? Well, by using white spaces, bullet point, images etc., you divide the text into different parts which makes it much more appealing to read. Have a look yourself:

7. TITLES make a difference         

We strongly advise you to use titles (step titles) in every text screen! It catches the attention of the reader and it simply looks so much better in the application.

8. Feedback please 🙏🏼

Every question is linked to a feedback screen, thank goodness, but it’s up to you to write the feedback and add the titles! A simple, ‘well done!’ or ‘Try again!’ can make a huge difference!

9. Work with scenarios 👀

One type of question can be used in many different ways. Instead of asking, ‘Which option is correct’, try to create a scenario instead. For example: ‘A customer walks in and he looks quite angry. What could you do? Choose between the following options:’

This way the user will learn how to translate theory into real-life situations.

10. End on a high note 🎶

Every beginning has an ending. While it all sounds very philosophical, the same rules apply for a learning moment. You start with an intro and you end with an outro, or as we call it, a ‘congratulations’ screen. Use this opportunity to motivate the user but also summarise the most important information from that learning moment. Make knowledge stick!

Encourage them to keep going, get the best score and complete the tests.

You can do this!