How to use MobieTrain’s gamification features

When you start using MobieTrain, you will need to create training content. Once the content is there, we apply a combination of gamification elements which support both intrinsic and external motivation. In this blog, we want to introduce you to all our gamification features and their benefits.

How to use MobieTrain’s Gamification Features

What is gamification?

Before we dive into MobieTrain’s exciting gamification features, we would like to define gamification first. In short, gamification is the application of game techniques and principles in a non-gaming context. Those game techniques and principles are especially helpful in an educational environment, as it’s important to keep students engaged. At MobieTrain, we use them to keep your staff motivated while they go through their training content. In our blog, ‘Let’s Play! – The benefits of game-based learning’ we elaborate on the role gamification plays in game-based learning.

How we make learning fun

Training content needs to be fun, otherwise your employees won’t be eager to learn about your company. Boring content can result in them not being up-to-date about your companies’ processes, or worse, onboarded properly. There are several gamification elements that contribute to the fun experience, such as:

  • Personal progression bar
  • Achievements: Performance rewards, XP points
  • Relevant badges for special achievements
  • Compare average progression (periodically) with team and brand average
  • Weekly unlocking modules
  • Motivating feedback
  • Juiciness
  • Curiosity and surprise

Thanks to the personal progression bar, your employees have an all-time overview of their progression and skill level. Because of this, they instantly see where they can improve and experience quick feelings of success. Once your staff completes a module or test, they receive XP points. Those points unlock new content modules, with the possibility of further customization by adding a loyalty rewards system. When employees perform well, their achievements are celebrated with XP points. There’s lots of motivating feedback, splashing screens with congratulations and juiciness. Your staff is also able to see which questions were answered incorrectly the first time, feeding into the instant feedback.

The psychology behind intrinsic and external motivation

The multiple gamification elements are developed with the psychology behind intrinsic and external motivation in mind. It’s motivating to see what you can achieve through the progression bar, for example. This motivation relates to the loss of avoidance: you don’t want to lose the golden bar. Humans naturally want to perfect their skills, that’s why the module bar shows how you can improve yourself. MobieTrain also enhances the user experience with lots of playful visual feedback in the form of achievements and XP. This motivational feedback stimulates the use of the app.

Outside the modules, employees can compare their achievements with team and brand averages on the progression page. This creates a competitive edge and (friendly) social pressure, while also a feeling of accomplishment. 

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