From theory to practice: our new Coaching Tool

In this blog we will walk you through all the in’s and out’s of the Coaching Tool.

After introducing our Microlearning Tool, it’s now time to shed some light on our Coaching Tool. The tool is perfect for monitoring behaviour after students have consumed training content.

Why we’ve developed this tool

Even though training your employees in the most effective way is incredibly important, it’s just as essential to keep checking in with them. You should see our Microlearning Tool as a starting point, it’s what comes after that requires most work. We’ve seen this in our blog on change management: the last stage of the ADKAR model is reinforcement, which refers to the actual shift in employees’ behaviour. Humans have a natural tendency to resist change, so paying special attention to this stage is crucial.  

How to use the Coaching Tool

The great thing about our Microlearning platform is that everything is digital, meaning the coach receives a notification as soon as an employee has finished a training path. Once the training is finished, the observation and digital assessment can be completed. The results are fully integrated into the Microlearning Tool so that synergy is guaranteed. After the results are uploaded, the employee receives a newsfeed message. This whole process ultimately creates a feedback culture.

The value of feedback culture

Why is feedback culture so important for companies? Integrating feedback into the culture of the company basically allows individuals, teams and the organization to grow. It forces individuals and teams to be honest to each other and communicate about what could be improved. Another benefit of feedback culture is that employees’ voices are heard, which makes them feel valued by their employer.

Proximus’ success story

If you’re considering getting onto the MobieTrain you might want to read another companies’ success story before making a decision. In collaboration with Proximus we developed a bespoke coaching tool that links their coaching grids to MobieTrain’s microlearning platform. By doing this, specific coaching recommendations get activated based on individual performances. The result is less knowledge gaps while also increasing retention and engagement. 
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