Training tools – Incorporate digital learning into your blended learning strategy

An abundance of educational research continues to prove digital training tools are exceptionally successful at improving learning outcomes.

An abundance of educational research continues to prove digital training tools are exceptionally successful at improving learning outcomes. Consultancy powerhouse Accenture was already mythbusting traditionalists as far back as 2015! Hold on to your hats, here come some stats:

Learning outcomes are the same or better with digital learning tools and can reduce instruction time by 40 – 60%.

Digital Learning is less costly over time, per employee, for 83% of cross-sector businesses.

Today, KPMG indicates 90% of companies use some sort of digital learning.

So, whether you incorporate it into your blended learning strategy or use it as a stand alone training solution, digital training is definitely the norm these days.

Digital training tools

MobieTrain’s own research shows 4 x more engagement and 50% better knowledge retention than with traditional elearning. And we’ve put a massive amount of effort into designing our training creation tools and delivery mechanisms so that you don’t have to!

There are a plethora of different online training tools and techniques for training your employees. But MobieTrain consolidates them for you into one easy to manage mobile-first platform.

Here’s an overview of all the essential training tools MobieTrain puts at your disposal:

  • The app! – Our platform is firmly mobile-first. Designed specifically for smart devices, it is fully remote and available on-the-go. It allows your training to be easily slotted into an employee’s day too. This approach has increased adoption among our existing clients by up to 90%!
  • Newsfeed – You can incorporate an AI fed newsfeed, specific to your company’s interests, into your MobieTrain training environment, to keep everyone abreast of the very latest news. There’s a polling function as well, so you can get direct feedback.
  • Our (L)CMS – Develop original content easily via our intuitive learning content management system. It’s inviting, user-friendly and fast.
  • Process tools – Create personal learning options for staff to build on both skills and knowledge with our range of process tools, then cultivate and iterate on them. Whether you’re making a crash course or a longer learning path keep learning surprising with our wide variety of choices!
  • Chunking tools – Sift and sort your materials into easily digested bite-size chunks, perfect for microlearning. Then structure chunks for logical progression.
  • Graphic Design tools – We have graphic design tools so you can tailor everything to fit your in-house style and branding.
  • Audio/Visual tools – Make, upload and incorporate audio and visual elements into your digital lessons. Improving engagement by keeping content varied and stimulating.
  • Gamification tools – Puzzles, quizzes and digital rewards are all essential elements of MobieTrain’s approach. The University of Colorado’s well-known research into this found better engagement, knowledge retention and test scores when gamification was an intrinsic part of training.
  • Data Dashboard – Our comprehensive data dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of every employee and every team. Iterate on your programme, tailor personal learning paths and get actionable insights to help you set new individual development goals with staff.

We promise it’s as easy to put together as it sounds, and up to 50% faster than with an average elearning solution. Any doubts, just give us a shout!