Are you MobieTrain’s next success story?

It’s our hope that by reading these examples, you’ll be won over by our vast experience and become our next success!

If you’re considering signing up with MobieTrain, but you first want to read about other companies’ experiences with us, you’re in the right place! MobieTrain has many success stories that we would love to share with you.

Empowering peer-to-peer learning for Decathlon

Even though Decathlon already had a learning platform in place, they still called in MobieTrain’s help. We’re highly flexible and could provide not only a new microlearning platform, but also made improvements to the existing one. The problem with Decathlon’s current platform was that their employees didn’t have access to training content on mobile. By introducing MobieTrain’s mobile-first approach, they are now able to efficiently reach and train their deskless employees. 

Not only did we make Decathlon’s training available anytime and anywhere, we also redesigned and personalized their content creation process. This empowered peer-to-peer learning, which motivated team members to share their knowledge with each other.

We made onboarding engaging and effective for Vans

Companies like Vans consist of several layers of management with a wide range of locations. Vans stores have store associates who are managed by store managers. Those store managers report to regional managers and the chain continues. Vans’ management structure caused them to provide different onboarding in every location: the company was reliant on printed training material and the store managers’ individual approach to training. Because this was highly inefficient, Vans started working with MobieTrain to improve their process.

Thanks to our microlearning platform, Vans could quickly develop onboarding training on topics such as sales, product knowledge and customer service. When store associates work on their onboarding paths, store managers can track their performance remotely, which makes their work much easier. The more store associates engaged with the platform, the higher Vans conversion rates became.

Excellent customer service at the Azadea Group

Providing outstanding customer service starts with a solid training program. After all, what is an employee without knowing all the in’s and out’s of your business and its product or service? 

You will probably know the Azadea Group from stores like Zara, Mango and Urban Outfitters. One of their spearheads is excellent customer service, which they’ve been able to provide in collaboration with MobieTrain. Through our dashboard they are now able to train their employees on customer centricity and selling techniques.

Timberland inspires their employees with MobieTrain’s platform

Many companies have had to readjust their way of doing business during the COVID-19 outbreak. At Timberland this was no different, but their unique approach to adapting to the situation definitely stood out. Instead of waiting untill the lockdown was lifted, Timberland had a proactive approach and used this time to their advantage. 

Over the months, we worked together to develop several training paths that aligned Timberland’s remote employees. In doing this, their goal was to inspire their employees with an overarching ‘Getting Back to Better’ mantra. This resulted in a hybrid retail model, higher conversion rates and an engaged workforce.

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