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Timberland’s Success Story

The Challenge
Timberland stores, like many retailers around the globe, were completely shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team faced a great challenge when thinking about what it was going to be like when stores reopened. Questions like ‘How do we get back to business?’, ‘What do we do with our associates?’ and ‘How do we service our customers properly?’ arose. ‘Back to better’ became Timberland’s mantra and the framework to how they approached this challenge.

Timberland in Numbers

  • 93 stores using Mobietrain
  • Getting back to better after the Covid-19 pandemic
  • >800 Employees using MobieTrain

How Mobietrain solved it

‘Getting Back to Better’ became the mantra of Timberland. Together we created 4 Learning Tracks to align all remote employees.

First learning track: unlock the lockdown
This directly addressed how to provide services when coming out of a lockdown: wearing a facemask, how to smile at a consumer when they can’t see you, etc. It addressed the safety of their staff and consumers. Safety came first.

Second learning track: KPI’s
How to make higher conversions, how to drive units per transaction. This track aligned employees and educated them on how their daily work impacts the business’ bottom line.

Third learning track: purpose-led service
At Timberland, purpose is the centerpiece of our service to consumers. In addition, we are striving to transform associates from salespeople to brand ambassadors. This track refreshed that feeling of purpose and reminded us to communicate our values throughout the sale.

Fourth learning track: omnichannel
This one was a very key track asit started to introduce changes that were being rolled out across their stores. It was the first step they took in showing their associates that the role of the store was going to change.

Mobile training in Timberland’s own branding

Results & Benefits for Timberland

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The Full Story

In a similar position as Timberland?
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