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Proximus’ Success Story

The Challenge

Proximus already had a substantial Learning & Development toolkit in place, combining traditional methods such as face to face coaching and e-learning. However, they wanted to update their training to make it more personalised, time and cost effective, and relevant for their diverse workplace. They also wanted to digitise their robust coaching process to provide greater engagement, personalisation and tracking.

Proximus in Numbers

  • Largest Telecoms company in Belgium
  • 14.000+ employees
  • Substantial L&D toolkit in place

How Mobietrain solved it

Replaced costly Trainings with Mobile, introduced Microlearning Format to their Skillset and co-created a bespoke Coaching Tool

Firstly, MobieTrain was used as an entry-point for further training. Through delivering short introductory content via our mobile tool prior to their more costly, longer training, Proximus could assess knowledge gaps and identify the need for further learning.

Secondly, they developed specific, standalone training on topics that are best suited to our engaging microlearning format. Through gamification and multimedia content, Proximus focused on quickly onboarding new hires in a fun and user-friendly way.

On top of the 60+ learning paths that were developed, we also worked with Proximus to co-create a bespoke coaching tool. We transformed their “coaching grids” into a digital environment that links with our learning tool to activate specific coaching based on how the employee is progressing. This identifies specific skill gaps and provides greater personalisation, thus improving employee knowledge retention and engagement.

Mobile training in Proximus’ own branding

Results & Benefits for Proximus

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The Full Story

In a similar position as Proximus?
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