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Vans’ Success Story

The Challenge Vans had
Determined to empower every employee to reach their greatest potential, training has always been important to Vans. But their previous training was reliant on the team managers in each store to train their teams, resulting in different levels of content being delivered across the company. Most training materials were printed and went out of date very quickly.The results were difficult to measure and optimise.

Vans in Numbers

  • 109 Stores acrosss Europe
  • +50 Years of Brand History
  • 6.8K Employees Wordwide

How Mobietrain solved it

Developed Learning and Onboarding Paths that are engaging & effective in close collaboration with their Store Managers

We worked with Vans to develop learning paths for the large, diverse amount of knowledge that they wanted to share, while also keeping their fun, funky brand personality which is so integral to their success.

Starting with an onboarding path for new store associates, we quickly worked with them to produce training on all topics from sales training and customer service techniques to in-depth product knowledge and personal performance tracking.

We also worked with the Store Managers to ensure that their jobs were made easier by being able to track and measure their associates’ training and development remotely from our dashboard.

Mobile training in Vans’ own branding

Results & Benefits for Vans

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The Full Story

In a simular position as Vans?
Lots of stores, remote workforce, worldwide, language barries? Then you should download the full case study.