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Decathlon’s Success Story

The Challenge
Decathlon had an existing e-learning platform in place, but faced a great challenge in leveraging this learning content to train, engage and motivate their employees worldwide. Their key challenges were the length of the current e-learning, the lack of time of their employees, and the fact that all of the learning content was created by their Head Office, which didn’t provide the flexibility for other countries to personalise their content for employees in other locations.

Decathlon in Numbers

  • >1K Stores worldwide
  • Recruitment of Passionate Sports People
  • >90K Employees Wordwide

How Mobietrain solved it

Redesigned and personalised their Content Creation Process, to empower Peer to Peer Learning in a Mobile-First Way.

By introducing Mobile to their Toolkit, we added a vital application that enabled them to easily reach and train their deskless employees, and reduce the time required away from their roles to learn.

Following our video on how to create a learning path, our content development sheets and our one hour briefing, Decathlon were able to create and deploy a huge amount of training in just 2 months.

We worked closely with them to redesign and personalise their content creation process, to empower peer to peer learning. Decathlon’s in-store sport’s specialists and leaders are now able to easily share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues and team members.

Mobile training in Decathlon’s own branding

Results & Benefits for Decathlon

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The Full Story

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