Turn your frontline staff into brand ambassadors

With the rise of digital channels, providing a standout customer experience offline has become even more important. The experience starts with the store staff, their product knowledge, approach and customer service. They hold the key to obtaining a great NPS and conversion.

This is how Vans does it

With our mobile-first, microlearning platform we help you to easily create your own learning paths and train your retail staff in a motivating and effective way to boost performance.


Sylvain Grise

VANS Retail Director EMEA
“Our motto is “We are not a shoe company - we are a people company”. MobieTrain supported us with our digital transformation and created a fun and engaging training experience for our people”
Azadea logo

Joyce Akiki

Talent Development Team Leader at Azadea
"MobieTrain provided our 6,000 stores employees an exceptionally innovative and engaging learning experience. In no time we saw the impact on our customer service level."

Michael Renaudin

Talent and Organisational Developer at Swissmedic
“MobieTrain makes learning fun and engaging again! Add to this the built-in retention techniques and the ease of creating content and you have a state-of-the-art platform that is indispensable in your modern training approach.”

Brian Bodnar

Director of retail operations and customer experience Timberland EMEA
"Mobietrain has given us the ability to reach all our store staff with same message in a engaging and fun way."

Bruno Pinto Coelho

Training Leader at Decathlon
"Not only do we love the very intuitive interface of the platform, we are also a big fan of MobieTrain's customer support. They've always got our back."

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