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Hello! It makes us really happy you want to know more about MobieTrain! Our mobile training platform improves knowledge retention with personalised, gamified learning paths. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to boost sales, build knowledge and provide standout customer experiences.

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Very simple: Mobile Training. Our mobile learning platform empowers employees with knowledge so that your company can boost sales and productivity. MobieTrain improves knowledge retention with personalised and gamified learning paths.

A lot of buzz words fly around these days, as businesses compete with each-other to keep ahead of the latest trends. Disruption, AI, Bots, Growth hacking, AR and VR; every company has a stance. Microlearning, which is at the core of MobieTrain, is another such term. But in winning our competition, and having already received considerable traction across the EMEA market, we showed that microlearning is here to stay.

The initial focus for MobieTrain was retail, as our founders have a lot of experience in this sector. But very soon a lot of other sectors showed interest in our platform. Whatever which industry you’re in, we’re convinced MobieTrain can elevate your way of employee training.