Are you a training professional looking for the perfect digital solution to offer clients? One that works well as a stand-alone, mobile-first platform for tailored content? One that is adaptable enough to become an integral part of a blended learning strategy? MobieTrain combines tech innovation with science-backed microlearning to make a completely customisable, enterprise-quality training platform for 21st century learners.

On-demand learning

Learners today are used to having new information at their fingertips. Don’t know the answer to a question? Hey, Google… Our whole lives have become geared towards mobile-content, absorbed whenever and wherever we are. Why should training still be solely IRL, or reliant on old-school e-learning? MobieTrain helps you create engaging, gamified, relevant, tailored and on-demand content for your clients and students.

Life-long learners

MobieTrain is easy to use and suitable for all levels of experience. There’s no more cramming: research shows that overloading learners is counterproductive and spaced repetition aids retention of new information much more – up to 50% more. Take a bolt-on approach to building knowledge with short, gamified learning blocks. Where everyone’s learning path can be different and there need be no limit to personal development – everyone is a life-long learner with MobieTrain.

Empowering the learner

MobieTrain helps your clients make training fun, motivating users to continue learning. It stops training feeling like a compulsory chore or being considered a day off, both of which impede learner’s engagement. Thanks to MobieTrain’s mobile-first approach, keen learner’s can engage in limitless training and more reluctant ones can benefit from as little as 5 minutes a day. You can keep track of their progress, measure their performance and help them set truly useful personal goals with the insights from our data dashboard.


MobieTrain can even be integrated with existing software and easily tailored to your client’s brand.


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