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To get you started immediately, we’ve already created a few Fast Learning Tracks. You can share these ones right away with your team:

  • WHO guidelines, safety regulations and hygienic measures on the COVID-19 virus
  • Tips to boost your immune system with healthy food
  • Ways to keep moving at home

Besides these existing ones or new Fast Learning Tracks created by you, you can also use our Newsfeed and Poll. Here is how:

1. Newsfeed: Instantly create & push communication messages at large scale

Keep your team 24/7 up to date by sharing messages about crucial new information.

newsfeed mobile learning

2. Poll: Get structured feedback from your team

Ask your team what topics they would like to be informed about and what further information they need to receive the right support.

poll mobile learning app

3. Fast Learning Track: Instantly train your remote staff

Use our Fast Learning Track to quickly educate and inform all your remote employees, wherever they are. Create a track to focus on the most important topics and reach everyone through their mobile devices. Analyse the results through our dashboard to see if everyone has understood all the information.


We truly hope that our support can help you to communicate crucial information with your team in the most effective and safe way.

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