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Van Moer Logistics’ Success Story

The Challenge

As a fast-growing company, it was especially important to onboard new talent effectively. Providing new employees the practical guidance and the essential knowledge is critical to get them started successfully. Van Moer Logistics did this by face-to-face training which required time away from their roles. This posed a risk of inconsistent message and it was difficult to measure the impact of these trainings.

Van Moer Logistics

in Numbers

  • 2.000+ Employees
  • 27 Locations
  • 480.000 SQM Warehouse Capacity
  • 500 Trucks
  • 9 Inland Barges
  • 5.750 – TEU Tank Container Depot Capacity

How MobieTrain solves it

An easy-to-use online learning solution provides a more efficient and pleasant onboarding and keeps employees updated in a timely and relevant manner

Sharing information efficiently

It is especially important for the logistics sector to train largely remote, mobile people in a timely and relevant way. MobieTrain allows this thanks to the intuitive design of the app, bite-sized learning, retention techniques and various features such as newsfeed and poll functionality.

Creating Engaging Employee Experience

Moreover, the gamification features of the MobieTrain app, such as badges, progression bars, experience points and many more, enables Van Moer Logistics to provide training in a fun, engaging and interactive manner. This approach increases the motivation and performance of their employees.

Support From MobieTrain Community

Furthermore, MobieTrain engagement Services help to set Van Moer Logistics up for success creating a successful launch and keeping engagement high. MobieTrain achieves this by providing a dedicated Customer Success Manager equipped with the knowledge and experience to assist in creating the first learning tracks, boost adoption and engagement and share best practices from similar organisations.

Expected results for Van Moer Logistics

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The Full Story

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