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Ethnicrafts’ Success Story

The Challenge

For an authentic brand like Ethnicraft, brand consistency is the key to success.
However, it was difficult for Ethnicraft to keep its fast-growing and globallydispersed team aligned with a consistent message and up to speed with the latest products only via face-to-face training.


in Numbers

  • 25 years of existence
  • 4 manufacturing sites
  • 6 craft ateliers

How MobieTrain solves it

Mobile microlearning enabled Ethnicraft to easily reach and train their employees, and reduce the time required away from their roles to learn.

Thanks to MobieTrain, Ethnicraft is now able to easily create learning paths and share the consistent brand message to their globally-dispersed team. And via our newsfeed feature, Ethnicraft can keep them informed about new concepts and furniture.

The gamified elements of our platform like quizzes, videos, badges, and rewards make trainings fun for their employees and keeps them engaged and motivated.
Moreover, the retention techniques integrated in our platform improve the knowledge retention of Ethnicraft employees.

Expected results for Ethnicraft

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The Full Story

In a similar position as Ethnicraft?
Lots of employees, different locations and a remote workforce? Then you should download the full case study.