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Success Stories


Vans wanted to be more effective in delivering a consistent brand and product message through their +1,000 store assistants in EMEA. That is why they introduced MobieTrain for onboarding, product training, sales and servicing techniques.

Bootlegger Coffee Company

Bootlegger uses our mobile learning platform to onboard new employees in their coffee shops, further boost product knowledge and customer service levels, and to keep their stores up-to-date with the latest processes and procedures. Bootlegger Coffee Company has grown into multiple businesses all over South Africa. They currently have 33 coffee shops around Cape Town and Pretoria. Sourced from Central Africa and South America, the coffee beans of Bootlegger are 100% sustainably sourced and locally made at the micro-roastery in Woodstock.

Poule & Poulette

The restaurant chain Poule & Poulette started using MobieTrain during the lockdown. Our platform is the perfect way to train and thus also prepare their employees for every circumstance.


Timberland uses MobieTrain to inspire their employees about their newest campaigns, products and strategies in a creative and effective way across 1,000+ stores in Europe.

Hästens Beds

Six generations of master craftsmen have lead Hästens to where it is now—a family company still driven by the virtues of sleep and humble pride over its craft. Hästens uses MobieTrain to train their sales team and store managers about the latest sales tactics and systems!


Proximus wanted to increase the effectiveness of their trainings. They use MobieTrain for a first skill assessment before employees can go into more extensive training methods.


Odlo creates mind-blowing quality performance clothing that function in notoriously harsh conditions. Odlo will be using MobieTrain to onboard new employees and train their employees about their latest collections!

Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy international law firm helps the world’s leading businesses to grow, innovate and thrive. For almost a century, they have built a reputation for their commitment to think ahead and bring original solutions to their clients’ most complex legal and commercial challenges. A&O will use MobieTrain to train their employees about crucial onboarding knowledge, essential laws and new procedures.


This company develops drinking water systems and multifunctional design taps for filtered cooled, sparkling and hot water. They use our microlearning platform to train their sales teams about their products, and they will also use MobieTrain to onboard new people!

Atlas Copco

Perhaps you know the industrial company Atlas Copco? Nonetheless they exist nearly 150 years, they have the most modern mindset. They decided to level up in their frontline employees training. And what better option than to do this with the MobieTrain Platform.


AVA is a Belgian industry leading retailer offering a range of products for party, hobby, school and office. AVA operates 50 physical stores and 3 webshops in Belgium and Luxembourg
 They will use MobieTrain to boost customer experience, product knowledge and the onboarding process

Azadea Group

Azadea’s main focus is providing excellent customer service. They use MobieTrain to provide all their brands (Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Urban Outfitters and many more) with key trainings on customer centricity and selling techniques.

Belgian Cycling Co.

The Belgian Cycling Factory is the biggest cycling company of Belgium. They are playing a leading role in the world of cycling, not only inside Belgium. They will use the MobieTrain platform for onboarding, product and procedure training of their own employees and their dealers as well.

Boerhaave Medisch Centrum

The Boerhaave clinic has been operating in Amsterdam for more than 100 years and are ZKN and ISO certified  They use MobieTrain for onboarding their new employees, do product trainings and new procedures. They are growing fast and need to unify all knowledge as fast as possible

City of Rotterdam

An important change in work processes asks for a next level change management. Employee engagement is crucial for that matter. With MobieTrain they had the tools to get their employees ready ànd excited for the big change.


Decathlon faced a great challenge in leveraging their learning content to train, engage and motivate their employees worldwide. MobieTrain enabled them to easily reach and train their deskless employees, and reduce the time required away from their roles to learn.

Democo Group

Democo is a construction company and general contractor which provides complete solutions. Together with their customers, they work on each type of building project, from building new projects to renovations. They will be using MobieTrain to onboard their new employees in a fun and engaging way!


DIRS21 is a web-based reservations and channel mangement system, which helps to open up the world of online distribution. They have been providing powerful solutions for hotels, restaurants, and the tourism industry for over 20 years. DIRS21 uses MobieTrain to onboard new people and provide knowledge in a fun and engaging way to employees across different departments!


The DPDgroup is Europe's second largest parcel delivery network. DPDgroup transports 5.2 million parcels every day - which is why they want to invest in their employees training to boost service and productivity. With MobieTrain, they will be able to deliver trainings in an engaging and consistent way to every employee. An ideal solution, especially to train employees who are always on the way


With MobieTrain, DrySolutions is able to deliver trainings in an engaging and consistent way to every employee. Since 2008, DrySolutions has been offering a professional and efficient service in the field of leak detection.

EFS Facilities Services

EFS Facilities Services is a regional leader in delivering integrated facilities management services across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The company has expanded its diversified clientele through its comprehensive services offering and with the help of MobieTrain they want to give their employees a state-of-the-art training platform.

Emirates Post

Emirates Post uses MobieTrain to level-up their current employee training so they can boost their customer service to a whole new level.

Entreprise rent-a-car

Entreprise rent-a-car offers rental cars to both individuals and companies. They use MobieTrain to educate their employees and new members about important procedures, systems and crucial steps they will have to apply at their job.


Ethnicraft is known for their beautiful decorations and furniture. They will use MobieTrain to educate their sellers about new products, their creative concepts and the story behind each collection. This way, everyone will be up-to-date with the latest stories without having to leave their workplace for additional trainings.

The Fashion Store

The Fashion Store is a Multi-brand clothing shop for women and men with more than 80 top brands. They are using MobieTrain to onboard new employees and train their employees about their latest products and procedures!

FCR Media

This marketing agency helps your SME to grow at the speed of light! They will be using MobieTrain to onboard new employees but also train them and partners about different sales approaches and products.

Federal Public Service Finance

MobieTrain's Platform supports FPS Finance's 600+ trainers to create engaging and interactive microlearning training for their 20.000 government officials.


Finvision is a financial company coach that proactively supports SMEs and large companies in maintaining overview, providing insights and employing talented employees to lead their company in the right business direction. MobieTrain helps Finvision to onboard, train and engage their employees and subsequently amplify their mission to be recognized as the most reliable and sincerely involved financial partner for entrepreneurs and enterprises in Belgium.


Gerantis is a future-oriented property management group. Their focus lies on optimising process efficiency and on the operational integration of all aspects of contemporary property management: syndicate of co-ownership, rent collection, insurance, and legal counselling. They are using our microlearning platform to train their employees about crucial onboarding knowledge, cyber security and compliance.

Groep Heeren (Hubo and Walth)

Groep Heeren is the largest HUBO franchise of Belgium, and they will use MobieTrain to boost customer experience, product knowledge and the onboarding process


Growzer is a digital Food & Beverage Manager, providing easy management of catering businesses and online ordering. Growzer and MobieTrain will work together to train the frontline employees of their Hospitality customers to make the best use of their software platform.

House of Finance

House of Finance is using our mobile microlearning platform to onboard new people and provide knowledge about compliance, systems, procedures and project management to their employees. House of Finance is the financial mentor for entrepreneurs and business leaders across Belgium.

Hubo Belgium

HUBO Belgium uses MobieTrain to boost training in safety & prevention of their temporary employees before they come on site.


After establishing the family business more than a century ago, Impermo has become the Belgian leader in tiles, natural stone and parquet. Impermo also specialises in laminate, vinyl and cork floors. They will use MobieTrain for providing an engaging onboarding and product training experience to their team.

Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie delivers cost-efficient, reliable, sustainable solutions for added value in your supply chain. They combine its knowledge of loading and unloading operations, product flow handling and process engineering with product knowledge and logistics experience. This enables them to develop unique, tailor-made solutions which create substantial added value in the supply chain of our customers. Katoen Natie will be using our Mobile Training Platform to onboard their newest employees!

Lievità Pizzeria

Since 2015, Lievità Pizzeria Gourmet has been bringing to the gastronomic scene a philosophy based on the product's lightness and the recipes' particularity. The continuous search for a careful balance between Neapolitan tradition and contemporary innovation drives Lievità to improve daily to offer you a truly gourmet experience.

Manuport Logistics

Manuport Logistics is a dynamic international freight forwarding company. Manuport Logistics transport your cargo around the world, from A to B, with a unique mix of modalities. Using their international presence, local knowledge, and almost a century of experience in the maritime sector, Manuport Logistics excels in connecting the globe.


Medux is specialized in Healthcare equipment and services and has 6 companies under the umbrella. With dedication, commitment and continuous innovations, Medux increases the freedom of movement and independence of people with movement disability. MobieTrain helps Medux to deliver trainings in an engaging and consistent way to every employee


MultiMasters ensure, through the provision of a wide range of services, that companies and organizations all over Belgium are able to concentrate fully on their mission! They use MobieTrain for safety, security and mobility trainings to empower their employees with the knowledge they need!

Narviflex Group

These heroes have “Black Belts” in Conveyor Belting, Industrial Plastics and Transmission Components 🥋 The Narviflex Group has skilled people and state-of-the-art machines, to solve each conveyor belting problem, meet the need for industrial plastics or the supply of transmission components. They will be using MobieTrain to onboard their employees in a fun and effective way!

Plinten & Profielen Centrale

Plinten & Profielen Centrale is active in a construction materials merchant wholesalers Industry with multiple locations in Netherlands. From now on, they are using our microlearning platform to train their employees about crucial onboarding and product knowledge, procedures and safety.

Point Chaud

Point Chaud is a restaurant chain offering a wide variety of bakery products, pastries and sandwiches. They have more than 50 points of sale in Wallonia and Brussels, including many franchises. They use MobieTrain, to educate their teams about their procedures, products and machines.


Quatra uses MobieTrain to equip their drivers and sales people with product skills, sales and customer Skills and educate them about processes and procedures. ♻️ Quatra specialises in collecting used frying oil and recycling it into a primary product for the production of second-generation biodiesel. More than 70.000 catering businesses use Quatra services to collect used cooking oil in The United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxemburg.


Score is a retail brand specialised in premium jeans for men’s. They are proud of their customer service online and offline. Score has 60 shops in the Netherlands and Belgium
 They will use MobieTrain for their onboarding processes, product training, and to boost their customer experience and soft skills

Spronken Orthopaedics

Spronken Orthopaedics aims to help any person, who is hampered in his or her general daily life and mobility, to the best of their ability to achieve a higher quality of life! They will use the MobieTrain platform for onboarding, product training, novelties and updates.

Terre Bleue

This exclusive Belgian fashion retailer uses MobieTrain to onboard and train their employees about their iconic products and latest collections!


Trilations provides business insights and implements those strategies with their clients. However, decisions alone do not deliver business benefits. Trilations uses MobieTrain for internal training, focusing on employee onboarding and communicating essential procedures.

Van Calster

Van Calster is known for their renovation expertise in tiles, parquet and bathrooms! Do you need a new floor or bathroom? Van Calster to the rescue! Van Calster uses MobieTrain for product training, onboarding, technical training and important updates.

Van Moer Logistics

Van Moer is one of the largest logistics companies in Belgium, but they are also active globally. They believe that their customers should always be able to count on tip-top service. Van Moer will use our mobile platform to onboard their employees, but also to inform them about internal health, safety and compliance procedures.

Ventura Health

Ventura Health uses MobieTrain, to onboard and educate pharmacists about products, procedures and processes. Ventura Health is a multi-brand resource centre for retail pharmacy groups. Together, Ventura Health represents more than 50 pharmacies throughout Australia.


Weerts Group is a family-owned business active in 3 different yet complementary fields of activities: Real Estate, Logistics and Racing. They will use the MobieTrain platform for onboarding, Toolbox instructions, First Aid and Health & Safety, with a big focus in Logistics. The company currently has 7 warehouses with +500 trucks coming in every day.


Wego Systembaustoffe GmbH is a subsidiary of SIG Germany GmbH and specialises in building materials. They will use MobieTrain for onboarding and to train their more than 1K frontline employees in novelties, day to day procedures and building materiales


ZEB is using MobieTrain to boost customer experience, product knowledge and the onboarding process. ZEB is a Belgium-based retail chain, with multi-brand fashion stores that includes more than 70 brands.

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