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Meet the needs of both customer service training and individual knowledge building

The digital economy: fast moving, on-demand, increasingly varied and complex.

It’s given consumers more of what they want, more often, and super quick. No wonder then that both online and off customer service expectations continue to rise. Whether you’re into fast fashion, juggling the demands of real life customers with an ever increasing number of collections a year; or hospitality, combining front desk customer care with behind the scenes logistics, it is essential to make sure that your frontline teams are able to learn both on and off the job, in a way that suits their personal needs and workflow.

What MobieTrain can do for you

MobieTrain is adapted to meet both the needs of customer service training and individual knowledge building. You develop and brand your own training content; personalise it to different training needs; and to each individual learner, be they full-time or flex, young or old, new to the job or an experienced professional.

Elevate Sales and Customer Experience

Success Stories

How Timberland improved their Customer Service

Timberland stores, like many retailers around the globe, were completely shut down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The team faced a great challenge when thinking about what it was going to be like when stores reopened. The creation of a learning track on purpose-led service reminded the importance of communicating values throughout the brand. Associates shifted from salespeople to brand ambassadors and sales increased by 70%.