Rethink HR Germany

Panel Discussion

How to create and engaging Employee Experience for your Deskless Workforce

Our CEO and Founder Guy Van Neck hosted the Panel Discussion in Berlin (Germany) on ‘How to create an engaging Employee Experience for your Deskless Workforce’ with 

🎤 Philipp Aschmann, Director International Employee Lifecycle at ALDI Nord
🎤 Felix Berghöfer, former VP People at Urban Sports Club and People Director Germany for Oda
🎤 Robindro Ullah Managing Director at Trendence Institut
🎤 Max Hunter Chief Joy Officer & Founder at Motivators@Work

Thanks Philipp, Felix, Robindro and Max for your valuable insights and contribution to the following topics:
✅ Onboarding: Learning in Flow of Work
✅ How Learning influences the employee experience
✅ Learning Ecosystem: a combination of integrated HR-software tools

Stay tuned for the recording of this webinar on our resources page:

We also thank the contributions of our German partner POLYDIGITAL PARTNERSIngmar van der Meulen and our partnership Director Silvie Inghels.