You’re about to launch your SS20 Collection!

But are you sure you haven’t forget something?

We’re convinced your new collection is on point.

It has its story. It has its merchandising. It has its marketing. The delivery is going as planned.

Totally ready to launch! Or not?

  • Do your sales associates in store have all the information they need about the new collection?
  • Did each and everyone of them got the same message?
  • Are they ready to be the best brand ambassador they possibly can be, in order to sell more?

Is ‘No’ your answer to at least one of the 3 questions? Don’t panic. We’ve got you!

Have you heard about mobile microlearning?

Check out our video! ⤵️

This is how Vans got started with microlearning

Vans wanted to establish a more effective training that delivers consistent brand and product knowledge.

We helped them rolling out our mobile microlearning solution to unify 900 sales associates.

  1. After you submit your registration, you receive an e-mail with a link.
  2. With this link you schedule your demo at a timing that suits you best.
  3. After you choose your time slot, you’ll receive a meeting request in your agenda.
  4. At your chosen time slot, our colleague Sven is happy to give you a free demo!!

More happy clients that started

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