MobieTrain is a performance enablement platform for customer-facing teams.

Our platform provides employees with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their jobs and deliver an outstanding customer experience, which leads to increased customer satisfaction, improved performance and better employee retention.


… your teams on strategic goals, expected behavior and job-specific knowledge.

  • Mobile-first approach for easy access
  • Efficient and consistent pre- and onboarding flows
  • Tailored training programs with short and engaging content
  • Both job-specific knowledge and skill-based


… your teams to apply their knowledge & skills in their jobs and grow towards their full potential.

  • Easy access to information and resources
  • Continuous learning and upskilling with ownership of learning path
  • Blended and integrated approach with learning, classrooms, coaching and development


… your teams by connecting them with each other and the company and providing recognition for achieved goals.

  • Two-way communication to connect employees with each other and the company
  • Encourage, recognize and reward your employees
  • Social community to stimulate knowledge sharing

Our Solution consists of multiple components

Authoring tool

User-friendly for the Administrator

  • Adjust the content yourself
  • Use your own branding
  • Choose from a range of learning formats
  • Ensure fast roll-out

Mobile-first app

Intuitive for the employee

  • Microlearning (short, bite-sized pieces of content)
  • Gamification (unlock paths, gain XPoints, badges, certificates)
  • Organised in structured learning paths
  • Quizzes and built-in retention techniques
  • Responsive across devices


Insightful for management

  • Find knowledge gaps
  • Get insights on adoption, engagement and performance per user
  • Make coaching more effective
  • Easily export data (.xls or .pdf)

Coaching tool

A combined learning and coaching framework

  • Review and discuss digital assessments
  • Monitor how the trainee’s behavior changes over time
  • Create the ultimate blended feedback culture

More than a platform. We ensure you will see the impact fast.


A library to leverage best practices in your industry from day one 

Adoption & Engagement

A proven framework and support to reach +80% adoption & engagement​

Seamlessly integrate MobieTrain
with your existing platforms

We are integrated with several identity providers and with other LMS and HR applications such as SAP SuccesFactors, Workday, Beekeeper, Speakap, Goodhabitz and many more.

New integrations will become available on a regular basis.

Business impact of MobieTrain’s platform and services

Customer Satisfaction

~10% increase


~15% increase

Operational Errors

~30% reduction

Employee Retention

~30% improvement