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The Role of Employee Engagement in Sports Industry 

Posted on June 5, 2024

Developing the workforce is essential for the growth of an organisation. Employee learning and development holds such significance for corporate organisations that it can evolve into a competitive advantage. Especially in the landscape of the sports and retail industry, adaptability and innovation are crucial. The significance of employee engagement and onboarding cannot be overstated.

In fact, the sports retail industry is a dynamic realm that demands constant adaptation to new technologies, strategies, and market trends. Maintaining a competitive edge necessitates a workforce that not only possesses skills but also demonstrates adaptability. By integrating technology into the onboarding and learning strategies, the workforce becomes more feasible to keep pace with frequent changes. This ensures that companies have trained and well-prepared staff.

This article examines the sports retail industry, focusing on how technology can be improved to boost your employee engagement and enablement. It also includes a case study on Arenal Padel Sportclub, highlighting how the growing company has incorporated technology to enhance training and maintain consistency across its stores.

Sport Industry Engagement

Transforming Employee Training Through Engagement

Research has shown that 94% of employees are inclined to remain with companies that invest in their professional growth. Through the utilization of employee training technology, organisations pave the way for a workforce that is agile, skilled, and prepared for the future in a dynamic surrounding.

In the pursuit of staying ahead in the market, technology emerges as a significant ally for businesses. The digital era has transformed employee enablement, presenting fresh avenues to enrich learning experiences. It also cultivates a workforce that is both skilled and engaged.

Adopting a mindset of continuous learning involves consistently expanding knowledge to acquire new skills and expertise. Embracing lifelong learning not only fosters personal development but also enhances the collective capabilities of organisations. It drives progress and innovation across all facets of the business landscape.

“We strive to create a unique sporting moment for our customers, and the development of our employees contributes to this. On the other hand, we believe that our people are the driving force behind our company. It is important that they can grow as a person and professionally.”

– Nathalie Landuyt, HR Business Partner at Arenal Padel Sportclub

By providing a centralised platform for training and development, employees gain access to current and relevant content, ensuring alignment with the company’s evolving objectives and strategies. Moreover, learning technology facilitates the dissemination of standardised information, promoting uniform understanding and implementation of critical processes across various departments.

Therefore, employees exhibit increased engagement, efficiency and competence, resulting in heightened productivity, fewer errors, and overall enhanced performance. These advancements ultimately bolster the company’s success and competitive edge in the marketplace.

Enabling Employee Training and Onboarding Through Digital Platforms

By incorporating digital platforms, employees can access training materials anytime, anywhere. This allows them to break free from the constraints of physical location or time zones. Digital training allows for the dissemination of information in real-time.
It also ensures that employees are equipped with the latest strategies, rules, and protocols.

Moreover, employee engagement enhances the effectiveness of learning through multimedia resources. From interactive simulations to video tutorials, employees can engage with content in ways that adapts to their individual learning styles. This personalised approach not only boosts comprehension but also fosters a deeper connection to the material, leading to greater retention and engagement.

Furthermore, digital onboarding ensures consistency in messaging and standards across the organisation. Whether it’s instilling a shared vision among franchise locations or aligning marketing strategies globally, digital platforms provide a centralised hub for disseminating information and enforcing organisational values.

Padel sports competition

Modernising Employees Enablement: Arenal Padel Sportclub’s Digital Evolution with MobieTrain

In industries such as sports, where changes in guidelines and technologies are frequent, it is particularly important to have a well-structured onboarding and training processes.

Especially in companies experiencing frequent expansions and a continuous influx of new employees, ensuring a consistent and structured onboarding process for everyone is crucial. This means ensuring that employees’ onboarding and training provide a comprehensive understanding of the company. It also allows that training materials are readily accessible to them whenever they feel the need.

These are exactly the challenges that Arenal Padel Sportclub had to experience. For such, they decided to partner with MobieTrain to find an effective way to integrate employees enablement to their strategy. 

Arenal Padel Sportclub has currently 10 locations in Belgium and 2 in the Netherlands. They have the ambition to grow, in fact they are expanding their sport club’s locations. As a result, the frequency of onboarding new employees has increased, but it’s not as expedient as desired. 

Arenal Padel Sportclub wants to work with a blended learning approach. It combines digital / online learning materials and activities with traditional F2F trainings and learning on the job. This has been obtained by joining MobieTrain and developing together an all-in-one platform that not only makes the onboarding procedure faster but also allows to constantly train employees.

“Due to the spread across Belgium and The Netherlands and also the amount of knowledge, there was a need for a digital solution in our training story.”

– Nathalie Landuyt, HR Business Partner at Arenal Padel Sportclub

The integration of MobieTrain’s platform also allows Arenal Padel Sportclub to measure the impact of these learning activities over time and to focus on the effectiveness of all trainings. 

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