Train your staff wherever, whenever!

We can help your organisation to keep on training your employees, in a safe and effective way. How? With our mobile microlearning platform.

An innovative way of training that results in 50% better knowledge retention and 4 times higher engagement than traditional e-learning.

And there is more. You can easily create your own, branded learning tracks, without any prior experience, and double as fast compared to traditional e-learnings.

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Don’t mistake mobile microlearning for e-learning

The principle of microlearning is creating short and to the point learning moments, enriched with images, videos and different question types. This way of training makes it easier to digest and retain knowledge. Add the advantage of a mobile-first platform and your employee can train wherever, whenever. Completely at their own pace and on your favorite device.

But we at MobieTrain go even further. By using our platform, knowledge retention increases with 50% and employee engagement is 4 times higher than with traditional e-learning. How is that possible, you ask? By infusing the microlearning concept with gamification elements, retention techniques and personalised training paths. We make learning fun again.

Discover the learning tool that thousands of employees around the world love to use.

Our solution consists of 3 pillars:

1. CMS:
User friendly for the admin

Clients input the training material into our easy-to-use Content Management System.

Create your own learning paths
Easily upload content in your own branding
2 times faster content creation than traditional learning
Allocate trainings to specific user groups
Easy to integrate with other systems
3 screenshots of the Mobile microlearning application from MobieTrain

2. Application:
Engaging for employees

Employees learn for 5-7 minutes a day on any device at any time.

Mobile-first: train wherever, whenever
Microlearning: bite-sized, easy to digest training
Gamification: boost engagement & motivation
Intuitive & user friendly design
Quizzes & retention techniques
Large variety of content
Newsfeed: push instant messages
Poll: get structured feedback

3. Dashboard:
Insightful for management

Clients access KPIs about engagement, performance and knowledge gaps in order to optimise trainings.

Measure KPIs
Analyse and compare results
Follow up progress
Identify knowledge gaps
More effective coaching

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