Train your employees from home

Train your workforce from a distance. How? With mobile microlearning! Transferring knowledge in a safe, easy and effective way.

And it’s even not that hard to do! You can easily create your own branded learning tracks. It even takes 50% less of your time to make, compared to the classic e-learnings.

Result: 50% better knowledge retention and 4 times higher engagement than traditional training. Empower your people with the right knowledge at their own pace. Help them shine in their job.

The perfect platform to train from a distance

Are you searching for a way to keep training employees while they’re working at home? Good news! MobieTrain is designed to solve the needs of modern workplaces. We empower employees to drive their own learning and development.

By combining mobile microlearning with engaging gamification elements, retention techniques and personalised training paths, we have created the perfect learning tool that thousands of employees around the world love to use.

User friendly

Upload your own branded content through our intuitive Content Management System (CMS). Whether you already have a wealth of training material or you need help creating learning content from scratch, we’ll set you up for success.

  • Easy to integrate with other systems
  • Own content, own branding
  • Allocate trainings to specific user groups

Engaging for employees

A mobile-first, microlearning platform that allows your employees to train at their own pace.

  • Mobile: focus on remote employees
  • Gamification: boost engagement & motivation
  • Intuitive & user friendly
  • Retention techniques

Insightful for management

Analyse and optimise knowledge gaps to quickly improve results. Discover exactly how your employees are performing. Gather the business insights needed to drive real change.

  • Analyse and compare results
  • Follow up progress
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Measure KPIs
  • More effective coaching
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