Build your optimised Onboarding Journey

With high staff turnover in industries like retail, hospitality and cleaning services, introducing employees to essential knowledge at speed, and keeping them up-to-date, is critical to their performance. Successful onboarding of employees makes new hires quickly feel at home, enhances their productivity from the get-go, and helps you retain staff in the long-run.

MobieTrain works brilliantly as part of a blended learning approach to training new staff. Bite-size knowledge blocks can be consumed easily on commutes, in breaks, in as little as 5 minutes a day, thanks to our mobile-first approach.

Our engaging visual learning style includes gamified elements and promises engaging and enjoyable learning which you can continuously update, brand and tailor to an individual learner’s needs. The latest scientific research shows this kind of microlearning to be highly effective, resulting in 6 x better knowledge retention than a traditional LMS.

Build your optimised Onboarding Journey

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