Improve Compliance and reduce Safety Incidents

Training employees to deal with the demands of today’s workplace compliance and safety requirements and fast-paced economy is increasingly difficult. More workers are mobile or remote and they need to process more information, retain more knowledge, and do that quicker than ever before: 65-75% of surveyed companies report staff being ‘overwhelmed’.

Traditional training methods no longer cut it. Slow and inefficient they are costly and time consuming to put together and reduce productivity by taking workers away from their daily jobs. And then – they’re proven to be pretty ineffective too. With up to 80% of new learning being lost within a month. This is not a reason to despair though.

It is a reason to modernise your whole approach to workforce training with MobieTrain’s innovative, science-backed, microlearning methods. Which is why our platform is often used as an learning management system to bring compliance rates to a sustainable higher level and to reduce safety incidents to the absolute minimum.

Improve Compliance and reduce Safety Incidents

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