The Solution:
Mobile Microlearning Platform

First Things first: what is Microlearning?

Microlearning is a unique and effective way of training your employees where you focus on providing bite-sized training content. Our mobile-first approach allows to consume content remotely, intuitively and on-demand. Combine this with a user-friendly design, gamification elements and retention techniques and you’ve got yourself the perfect training tool that thousands of people around the world already love to use.

The Importance of Mobile Microlearning:

With MobieTrain, your employees are put at the heart of their own learning and development, which leads to better customer experience, higher employee engagement and more productivity. 5 minutes a day. That is all it takes to boost the knowledge of your frontline employees and turn them into actual brand ambassadors.

The Results of Mobile Microlearning

  • 4x more engagement thanks to gamified, bite-sized learning.
  • 50% more retention than traditional training methods.
  • Increased productivity by 31%
  • Empowered, engaged and inspired workforce
  • The easiest, most effective and fun way of training

Authoring Tool, App, Dashboard and Community

Our Solution consists of 4 Pillars

Authoring tool: Easily create your own Learning Paths

  • Easily create training paths with your own content
  • Choose between different training formats
  • Allocate content to segmented user groups
  • Personalise with your own company colours and logo
  • Easily integrate with other platforms

App: Engage and train your Frontline Employees

  • Mobile-first: perfect for your remote teams
  • Intuitive: clearly structured design and layout
  • Gamification: fun and engaging training 
  • Retention: lock-in knowledge with tests
  • Variation: dozens of different content formats
  • Communicate: Newsfeed and poll functionality

Dashboard: Get actionable Insights and drive Change

  • Measure KPIs
  • Follow-up progress
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Improve training offer
  • Certificates for completed tracks

Community: Receive Best Practices from our Experts

  • Learn from training experts of some of Europe’s biggest brands, including Decathlon, Vans, Diesel, Emirates Post and Deloitte.
  • Understand how greater knowledge empowers greater performance and productivity
  • Together with our Customer Success Experts, we will set you up for success

Seamlessly integrate MobieTrain with your existing Platforms

MobieTrain is set-up to communicate easily with your operational and HR applications. We are integrated with several identity providers. Next to that we have integrations with other LMS and HR applications such as SAP SuccesFactors, Workday, Beekeeper, Speakap, Goodhabitz and many more. New integrations will become available on a regular basis.

Experience the power of MobieTrain in action

What will you learn?

  • Discuss your Business and L&D-Challenges
  • Share our Success Stories and Best Practices
  • Guide you through the MobieTrain Platform

Frequently asked Questions
about MobieTrain & Mobile Microlearning

Why MobieTrain?

At MobieTrain we believe that, by empowering your employees with knowledge, everyone in your company or organisation will benefit from the results. Well trained employees are the success of any company or organisation. It increases employee engagement, retention, and productivity. It decreases the need for supervision, reduces absenteeism. It improves customer service, and boosts sales.

Do I need to cancel my current LMS?

There is no need for that! As a mobile-first platform with a focus on gamification and knowledge retention, MobieTrain can perfectly coexist with other, more traditional training platforms. We offer personalised training paths made specifically for mobile and the mobile workforce. This does not mean that you need to replace your existing training programmes. In fact, it would be interesting to analyse which knowledge gaps currently exist amongst employees and to work on them during face-to-face courses.

What is our Vision?

Knowledge is our forte, and it is our mission to empower employees with the right content at the right time to help them succeed in their professional and personal development. Focusing on the remote and deskless workforce, and the management team that drives them, we are transforming traditional learning methods to match the challenges of the modern workplace. Through microlearning, gamification, brain science and mobile learning, we deliver high-impact training for the future of work.