Knowledge is power, but is that power being lost in the workplace with traditional training and Learning Management Systems? UNLEASH Startup Competition Winner, MobieTrain is on a mission to transform this system for the mobile, millennial workforce. And here’s why.

Did you know that 80% of knowledge from traditional training is forgotten after 30 days?” asks Guy Van Neck, Founder of MobieTrain. “In an increasingly competitive work climate, we’re putting more and more emphasis on empowering our employees and providing outstanding customer experience. Knowledge is at the core of this empowerment, but the way that it’s currently being delivered just isn’t working. So we’re here to change that.”

And through winning UNLEASH Amsterdam’s biggest ever startup competition, they’re certainly on the right track. So what exactly caught the judges’ eyes at UNLEASH, and what do MobieTrain themselves have to say about winning and the future of work?

Microlearning: More than Just a Buzz-Word

A lot of buzz words fly around these days, as businesses compete with each-other to keep ahead of the latest trends. Disruption, AI, Bots, Growth hacking, AR and VR; every company has a stance. Micro-learning, which is at the core of MobieTrain, is another such term. But in winning our competition, and having already received considerable traction across the EMEA market, MobieTrain shows that microlearning is here to stay.

But what is it exactly?

Micro-learning is bite-sized training content, offering just the right amount of knowledge to help a learner achieve a specific, actionable objective. In MobieTrain’s case, employees are provided with 5 minutes of mobile training daily. Not only does this improve engagement and avoid knowledge overload, it is also proven to improve knowledge retention. Meaning that employees are more able to use this knowledge to boost sales, productivity and customer experience, while easily being able to fit it into their working day.

“We’re thrilled to be putting microlearning on the map by winning UNLEASH’s competition. Microlearning is the best way for the mobile workforce to not just learn, but use that knowledge to make a real impact. And for just 5 minutes a day, engagement rates are sky high.”  says Guy Van Neck.

Making learning fun again

Let’s talk more about employee engagement, the holy grail of any HR tech initiative. How do we encourage employees to play an active part in their own development? How do we intrinsically motivate them to hit targets and provide amazing customer experience?

Gamification plays a big part in this. And we’re not just talking leaderboards and badges. MobieTrain demonstrates that a key to increasing success is an understanding of how to intrinsically motivate learners, beyond a need to just compete with colleagues.

This is achieved through personalisation. Visual learning paths and personal profiles show each individual user how they are progressing, and in-app messages and badges keep them engaged at key points. And their planned integration of AI in the coming months will drive this personalisation even further.

Variety of content is also key. As a mobile generation, we are now used to consuming a vast amount of content on a daily basis. So businesses need to keep their training content interesting. This includes video, animations, interactivity and quizzes. Delivered on any mobile device to access at anytime.

What’s next?

“It’s going to be an exciting year ahead for MobieTrain. Our previous UNLEASH competition winners have gone on to achieve increased investment and win significant new business. We look forward to seeing what MobieTrain can achieve, and in welcoming them back to our events next year.” said Marc Coleman, CEO and Founder of UNLEASH

As Gold Sponsorship package winners, a prize that totals a huge €25,000, MobieTrain will be looking to continue their success by exhibiting at UNLEASH next year. In the meantime, they plan to continue supporting their clients and perfecting their product:

UNLEASH has given us even more incentive to keep pushing forward with our product. Our vision is to set the global standard in mobile-learning, and with victories like this we are getting closer to empowering more and more workforces worldwide.” said Guy Van Neck.

The message is loud and clear. Microlearning is booming. And the future of work is now.

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