Logistics workers are on-the-move, most of the time. How can you train a largely remote, mobile staff in a timely and relevant way? How do you build a resilient team who can cope under pressure and in the face of multiple, changing variables?

MobieTrain offers training solutions to these logistical challenges and more. 

Our mobile-first platform allows you scalable training, tailored to your company’s needs and in-line with your brand. You can create new content for different individuals, teams or the whole organisation, in 50% less time than with a traditional e-learning, and increase adoption too with our fun, interactive tools.

If you want your blended learning experience to be optimised for both effectiveness and efficiency, incorporate MobieTrain into your training supply chain.


The digital revolution has had a massive impact on logistics. Teams need to work faster, more efficiently, in a connected-way, and with shorter deadlines: they’re online and on-the-go. MobieTrain ensures that your training is accessible to all your staff wherever they are, that it is right up to date, and deliverable in real-time.

Update skills

Create content specific to your business’s particular needs, and use our tried and tested methods to create learning paths for employees that ensure they take up and retain new knowledge at speed and at a distance. Short bursts of microlearning, repeated at effective intervals can improve knowledge retention by up to 50%.

Increase adoption

By making learning fun, personal and easy, you can improve adoption by up to 90%. Just 5 minutes a day will get your learners a long way! You can monitor all employee’s gains via our dashboard and work out which way their learning needs to go next.


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