Live Webinar #BestPractices
“Improve your learning culture by engaging ambassadors”

Dear MobieTrainers


Our Mission is to empower employees with knowledge, but what about us? And more importantly, what about you?

By sharing our best practices with each other, we will not only help each other out, but also empower ourselves with the knowledge we need to create the best training out there!
For this webinar, we want to invite you to our session about:

“Improve your learning culture by engaging ambassadors”

📍 Do you often ask yourself “How can I get my colleagues more excited about learning?

📍 Do you feel as if you are always pushing people to learn and develop?

📍 Are you sometimes stuck on the L&D-island?

📍 Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of new content you should be creating?

📍 Are there amazing colleagues around you who just need a friendly nudge to become true L&D ambassadors?

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Well, then this webinar is simply perfect for you!

Register for free and be inspired with the experience of our Customer Success Team and one of our client’s case study!

At the end of the session, you will also be able to share your very own tips and tricks with each other, guided by some introductory questions.