ISO 27001 certificate

ISO is the International Organisation for Standardization – an independent, non-governmental, international organization that develops standards to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of products, services and systems.It’s applicable to any industry and more than 20,000 companies have been certified worldwide!

International Organisation for Standardization

ISO certifies that our MobieTrain service has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance. As our company keeps growing, we need to make sure to preserve:

1. Confidentiality: only authorized people can access certain information

2. Integrity: only authorized people or systems can change the information

3. Availability: the information is available when needed

Having an ISO 27001 certificate, verifies that we comply with all the safety and security regulations, and that we offer a secure and reliable system.

Importance & Benefits

Having an ISO 27001 certificate demonstrates:

  • That MobieTrain has taken the necessary steps to properly protect sensitive information
  • That our company preserves effective internal safety and security practices
  • That we comply with business, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements (like GDPR, etc.)


  • GDPR audits by KPMG and other enterprise clients
  • Policies in place
  • Analysis of personal data
  • Review procedures
  • Employee awareness sessions
  • Customer consent
  • Data breach procedures
  • Processor liability (DPAs)
  • Impact Assessment


  • ISO27001 certification successful
  • Risk and vulnerability assessment
  • Policies and procedures, e.g.,
    • Access rights & password
    • HR screening
    • Supplier management
    • Change management
  • Business Continuity & Disaster recovery
  • GCP hosting in EU (Belgium)
  • Backup and recovery instance
  • Penetration tests (2x year)
  • Software Development Lifecycle

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