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Restaurant Industry 
Discover how to attract, retain and train your frontline teams to create an unforgettable customer experience.

Equip your team with the tools they need to succeed.

5 minutes of training a day is all you need to give your frontline teams the tools they need to succeed. Increase skills and knowledge, improve productivity, increase engagement and help your employees create a unique customer experience. With MobieTrain’s performance enablement platform you can train, develop and engage your restaurant staff and help them improve their ability to deliver results. Every day.

Create memorable customer experience.

MobieTrain’s performance enablement platform allows you to provide your restaurant staff with all the tools they need to perform at their best. MobieTrain will enable your team deliver an outstanding customer experience and turn casual customers into loyal customers and ambassadors of your brand.

Enhance the experience of your restaurant staff by providing them with the right tools to develop their potential and improve their performance in the workplace.

These are some of the results we have obtained with our clients:

  • 4x boosted engagement and commitment to the company
  • retention of acquired knowledge improved by 50% compared to traditional methods
  • 31% increase in sales


Bootlegger Coffee Company: Attracting and retaining talent in catering

  • Preboarding and onboarding of talent
  • Presentation of new recipes
  • Enhancing product knowledge
  • Improving customer service

Roompot: Improving knowledge sharing and engagement

  • Preboarding and onboarding of new talent
  • Processes & Procedures training
  • Registration for physical events
  • Creating more engagement through a communication tool of MobieTrain platform

Poule & Poulette: Prepare the team to face any challenge

  • Safety information
  • Process updates
  • Team engagement
  • Improving customer experience 

Lievità: Improve the team’s sense of belonging

  • Onboarding of new talent
  • Training on the preparation of dishes
  • Creating a corporate culture
  • Operational process management

Sibuya Sushi Chain: Prepare the team to provide the best customer experience

  • Sharing operation manuals
  • Improving engagement with digital training
  • Increase knowledge of the products on the menu
  • Supporting the training of chefs

Ready to boost the performance of your frontline employees ?

What you will learn?

  • Discuss about your Business and L&D challenges
  • Share our success stories and best practices
  • Guide you on the MobieTrain platform