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Knowledge truly is power – and profit in an industry where the skills of your employees have such a direct impact on your bottom line. MobieTrain’s mobile microlearning platform is a brilliant way to keep and grow the talent you have by equipping them with specialized skills and knowledge in a secure, effective and engaging way. Additionally, MobieTrain allows you to train your employees in specific areas to help them quickly adapt to customer needs.

Our mobile-first training platform allows you to provide continuous training, to all employees, and match it to their exact level of expertise. As an award winning MicroLearning Tool, we use intrinsic motivational gamification techniques, as well as adaptive learning, newsfeed and poll. Our platform is distinguished by its simplicity, user-friendliness, intuitiveness and focus on frontline employees. 

Actually, you can quickly add new content to match the learning needs of the person or the moment; from a personalised learning path for newbies to a crash course in dealing with new compliance protocols for the whole team. Doing so will be faster (50% faster!) and more effective (up to 6 x more effective!) than with a traditional e-learning or face-to-face training alone.

Our Customers in the Professional Services sector

Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy international law firm helps the world’s leading businesses to grow, innovate and thrive. For almost a century, they have built a reputation for their commitment to think ahead and bring original solutions to their clients’ most complex legal and commercial challenges. A&O will use MobieTrain to train their employees about crucial onboarding knowledge, essential laws and new procedures.

FCR Media

This marketing agency helps your SME to grow at the speed of light! They will be using MobieTrain to onboard new employees but also train them and partners about different sales approaches and products.


Gerantis is a future-oriented property management group. Their focus lies on optimising process efficiency and on the operational integration of all aspects of contemporary property management: syndicate of co-ownership, rent collection, insurance, and legal counselling. They are using our microlearning platform to train their employees about crucial onboarding knowledge, cyber security and compliance.


Finvision is a financial company coach that proactively supports SMEs and large companies in maintaining overview, providing insights and employing talented employees to lead their company in the right business direction. MobieTrain helps Finvision to onboard, train and engage their employees and subsequently amplify their mission to be recognized as the most reliable and sincerely involved financial partner for entrepreneurs and enterprises in Belgium.


DIRS21 is a web-based reservations and channel mangement system, which helps to open up the world of online distribution. They have been providing powerful solutions for hotels, restaurants, and the tourism industry for over 20 years. DIRS21 uses MobieTrain to onboard new people and provide knowledge in a fun and engaging way to employees across different departments!

The results held by our Professional Services Customers

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