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Training Remote People on-the-move

The Big Question for Remote Workers?

Logistics workers are on-the-move, most of the time. How can you train a largely remote, mobile people in a timely and relevant way? How do you build a resilient team who can cope under pressure and in the face of multiple, changing variables?

MobieTrain offers training solutions to these logistical challenges and more.

Our mobile-first platform allows you scalable training, tailored to your company’s needs and in-line with your brand. You can create new content for different individuals, teams or the whole organisation, in 50% less time than with a traditional e-learning, and increase adoption too with our fun, interactive tools.

If you want your blended learning experience to be optimised for both effectiveness and efficiency, incorporate MobieTrain into your training supply chain.

Our Customers in the Logistics sector

Van Moer Logistics

Van Moer is one of the largest logistics companies in Belgium, but they are also active globally. They believe that their customers should always be able to count on tip-top service. Van Moer will use our mobile platform to onboard their employees, but also to inform them about internal health, safety and compliance procedures.

Katoen Natie

Katoen Natie delivers cost-efficient, reliable, sustainable solutions for added value in your supply chain. They combine its knowledge of loading and unloading operations, product flow handling and process engineering with product knowledge and logistics experience. This enables them to develop unique, tailor-made solutions which create substantial added value in the supply chain of our customers. Katoen Natie will be using our Mobile Training Platform to onboard their newest employees!


Decathlon faced a great challenge in leveraging their learning content to train, engage and motivate their employees worldwide. MobieTrain enabled them to easily reach and train their deskless employees, and reduce the time required away from their roles to learn.

Atlas Copco

Perhaps you know the industrial company Atlas Copco? Nonetheless they exist nearly 150 years, they have the most modern mindset. They decided to level up in their frontline employees training. And what better option than to do this with the MobieTrain Platform.


The DPDgroup is Europe’s second largest parcel delivery network. DPDgroup transports 5.2 million parcels every day – which is why they want to invest in their employees training to boost service and productivity. With MobieTrain, they will be able to deliver trainings in an engaging and consistent way to every employee. An ideal solution, especially to train employees who are always on the way.

Emirates Post

Emirates Post uses MobieTrain to level-up their current employee training so they can boost their customer service to a whole new level.

The results held by our Logistics customers

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