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Training Solution for the Care Sector

MobieTrain’s mobile microlearning platform is a brilliant way to combat the difficulties of training frontline healthcare workers. In a way that fits both the overarching needs of the institution – such as health and safety, or quality of care training – with the particular needs of each individual employee within it. Mobile Microlearning has the mobile-first approach, meaning: it’s flexible, not attached to locations.

Training in a hospital or care facility presents very specific challenges. These can be high-pressure workplaces requiring quick onboarding, and special attention to employee welfare and support. Time out for monitoring on-the-job progress and professional development can be difficult to arrange due to the high number of mobile employees and shift workers. And new information needs to be quickly communicable to large numbers of employees at once.

Our microlearning methods help frontline employees learn as they go; whenever and wherever suits them best. You can deliver news and new training content to them in real-time, onboarding will be quicker and more engaging and learning can be ongoing. MobieTrain has been shown to be up to 6 x more effective than traditional e-learning in helping all workers retain knowledge from the get-go, whether used as a stand-alone training tool or as part of a blended learning approach.

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