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Create happy Employees and so: happy Customers.

The Challenge of Training in the Hospitality Sector

Excellent customer care from check-in to check-out: today’s travellers are looking for warmth in the welcome and comfort in the facilities. With high staff turnover and often complex behind-the-scenes logistics, good hospitality becomes a juggling act of customer service skills and organisational savvy.

In walks MobieTrain. Our mobile-first training platform allows you to provide continuous training, to all staff, and match it to their exact level of expertise. It can be used on-the-go, whether they are behind the front desk or working in the kitchen.

Actually, you can quickly add new content to match the learning needs of the person or the moment; from a personalised learning path for newbies to a crash course in dealing with new health & safety protocols for the whole team. Doing so will be faster (50% faster!) and more effective (up to 6 x more effective!) than with a traditional e-learning or face-to-face training alone.

The results held by our Hospitality Customers