Facility Services

Onboard Employees Faster & Better

Finding, training, investing in and retaining good Employees: that’s what you want

Finding, training and retaining the best staff can be a major challenge for facility services and commercial cleaning companies. Once you have found the perfect candidate, how do you onboard them and get them out to work quickly? How do you monitor the ongoing quality of their work while keeping them motivated to improve? And, how do you train them to deal with the wide-variety of clients they encounter as part of the job?

MobieTrain offers many different tools to help you train staff easily, efficiently and effectively.

  • Develop your own in-house content quickly and cost-effectively.
    Roll it out to all staff; all together or on-the-go.
  • Perfect as a stand-alone solution or as part of a blended learning strategy.
  • Personalise content streams for the needs of different employees or various groups.
  • Whatever training difficulties you are trying to clean up, our support staff are ready to help you.

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