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No matter what product you sell or what kind of service you provide, training your frontline team is essential to make sure they do the things that matter most. MobieTrain can help you do that in a fun and effective way. 5 minutes a day. That’s all it takes.


With the rise of digital channels, providing a standout customer experience offline has become even more important. The experience starts with the store team, their product knowledge, approach and customer service. They hold the key to obtaining a great NPS and conversion.

  • Improve your onboarding process
  • Improve knowledge about brand and purpose
  • Bring across product storylines and specific features
  • Educate them about the latest sales and service techniques
  • Reduce the time away from their job
  • Prepare them for key moments

City / Government

Are you looking for a digital training tool to add to your blended learning strategy? One that you can tailor to your organisation? That helps you bridge the knowledge gap for workers no matter what their role? Then look no further: MobieTrain can be integrated into your current set-up; is perfect for mobile learning; and ensures adoption and motivation amongst learners, thanks to its engaging visual style and gamified features.

  • Personalised content, with easy monitoring
  • User-friendly & adaptable
  • Scaleable
  • GDPR and WCAG Compliant
  • Full MobieTrain support

Facility Services

Finding, training and retaining the best team can be a major challenge for cleaning companies. Once you have found the perfect candidate, how do you onboard them and get them out to work quickly? How do you monitor the ongoing quality of their work while keeping them motivated to improve? And, how do you train them to deal with the wide-variety of clients they encounter as part of the job?

  • Develop your own in-house content quickly and cost-effectively
  • Roll out your own branded content to all teams
  • Perfectly compatible as a stand-alone solution or as part of a blended learning strategy
  • Personalise content streams for the needs of different employees
  • You can easily integrate existing as well as new content with our wide variety of video, image and quizzes-formats


Making sure that every employee is on board with the latest updates and arrangements is an absolute must. The customer is king. Ensure that everyone can provide excellent service. All your employees have to be on the same page regarding the service you provide.

  • Easily onboard new members
  • Boost confidence
  • Reach remote employees
  • Deliver excellent customer experience
  • Ensure all rules are being applied consistently

Hospitals / Care

Ensuring effective communication and the proper functioning of daily operations is crucial. However, the lack of time and working in shifts makes it very complicated to train care takers and inform everyone on the latest updates. That’s where mobile learning comes in:

  • Align your team on institution policies & procedures
  • Minimise time away from role
  • Instantly inform employees with our newsfeed


Ensuring an effective, efficient and safe environment for your employees is priority number one. That why it’s important to deliver relevant, personalized trainings to all your remote employees in an effective and engaging way.

  • Make knowledge stick
  • Create a learning culture
  • Ensure safety
  • Improve daily procedures

Training Companies

Reinforce your current training with mobile learning! Find out how well your trainees remembered all the information and summarise the most important topics in short, bite-sized learning moments.

  • Improve your training with gamification, visuals aids and tests
  • Analyse results and tackle the knowledge gaps
  • Scale your current trainings
  • Find out what your students want to learn next with our newsfeed
  • Create your own blended learning approach

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  • Discuss about your Business and L&D challenges
  • Share our success stories and best practices
  • Guide you on the MobieTrain platform