Looking to improve the management and maintenance of your workforce? MobieTrain is here to help. Our enterprise class, mobile-first platform is perfect for helping you with onboarding new employees, personalising continuous training, gathering insights for performance reviews and more.

It can be tailored and branded to fit the needs of businesses big and small, integrates easily with current HCM software and offers a huge variety of ways to quickly create, and roll out relevant, engaging and fun training for frontline employees both at work and on-the-go.

So, if you want to improve the cost-effectiveness of training, the engagement and well-being of workers, and the overview you have of their professional development, MobieTrain will help you do it. We can get you set-up in as little as two weeks…


Fit for 21st Century learning

Digital savvy, on-the-go workers look for excitement, engagement, personalisation and gamification in their learning. MobieTrain is designed with that in mind. Device and browser agnostic, it can be used for just 5 minutes a day and still increase knowledge retention by as much as 50%, because people absorb information best in short bursts. Our microlearning utilises spaced repetition methods to increase absorption of new information and keep it fresh in the user’s mind over long periods.


Fast, easy and engaging content creation

Get going with our varied, customisable content creation tools quickly, with support from our in-house experts. Create structured step-by-step learning paths to fit different teams or individual employees. Make modules exciting, engaging and fun with videos, quizzes, and appealing graphics. Add new content as often as you need for continuous learning. And, do all this in half the time it takes to set up a traditional e-learning.


User-friendly dashboard

With a wide variety of data management tools our dashboard allows you to keep an overview of all training projects and the progress of the learners taking part, manage KPIs, find and fix knowledge gaps and more.


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