Why gamification is crucial for training?

  • Multiplies learners’ engagement by 50%
  • Increases knowledge growth by 27%
  • Makes learning more fun and interactive

What’s in the name?

Gamification is the application of game techniques and principles in a non-gaming context. These techniques and principles are especially helpful in an educational environment, as it’s important to keep everyone engaged. At MobieTrain, we use them to keep your employees motivated in a fun and effective way. Step by step, they can unlock new learning moments to complete different trainings and keep on learning.

Let’s dive into MobieTrain’s exciting gamification features, shall we?

Great tool we use for onboarding new sales reps

Great tool; we use it to onboard our new people since we are a fast-growing start-up. We can create new content very easily and fast, which is very important for us. Our people really like the easiness, look & feel, and the personalization of the platform. The fact is the gamification elements that are incorporated in the platform really trigger the engagement.
Davy G via G2

3 Reasons to use Gamification in your Training

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